Ways to Ward-Off Diabetes and Maintain a Good Health

We don’t seem to understand that most times what we call habit can lead to this disease called diabetes and some people don’t even know that it can be prevented by some simple means. Some 6 systematic ways of warding off diabetes include the following;

•    Try to maintain a good weight; you can start by checking your present weight on a weighing scale. This will help you to know if your weight is above average and if that is the case, try as much to engage yourself in the proper diets and others ways to lose weight. Being overweight adds pressure on their body's ability to make use of insulin and control blood sugar level which causes diabetes.

•    Eating more of fruits and vegetables helps one to stay healthy and away from diabetes. 90% of fruits and vegetables are high in dietary fibre and low in calories which help in proper weight management and prevention of obesity that leads to diabetes.

•    Physical activities do much more than we think to improve general health especially in the burning of excessive fat which could be released into the blood to reduce the sensitivity of the insulin and cause diabetes. 

•    Smoking is generally not healthy for human due to its effects on the heart and liver but can be more damaging when it comes to diabetes. Quitting smoking if you do smoke is a quick way to save yourself from the risk of diabetes because it causes insulin resistant which leads to diabetes. Research shows that quitting smoking is a proven way to raise the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the blood; the higher the level of HDL in the blood, the safer you are from cardiovascular diseases as well.


•    Avoid eating certain foods that increase the blood fats. When the level of cholesterol in the blood becomes high, you are exposing yourself to diabetes and associated heart diseases. The level of the blood cholesterol should not be high to avoid the risk of diabetes. In this case, we are specifically talking about the low-density lipoprotein known as LDL which can cause a catastrophic condition to cardiovascular health when it becomes high. On the other hand, the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is safe when it becomes high to avoid heart diseases.

•    A routine checkup is a major thing that will help you to prevent diabetes. From check-ups, you will be able to know your sugar level, level of cholesterol which includes the low-density and high-density lipoprotein and as well know how active your insulin is in the process of storing and using of fats and glucose appropriately to avoid diabetes.

Genetics is known to play a key role in developing diabetes both type 1 and 2 and these type of diabetes are said not to have control. But there are things you can do in order to prevent it. Using the systematic guide above will help to prevent the risk of diabetes.


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