Experience Back Pain During Pregnancy?

More than 60% of pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy. Though, the pain is not something to worry about according to health practitioners that specialize in the field but can be severe in most cases. Here are the tips you will do to bid the pains farewell or let it go.

It is advisable to practise correct posture during pregnancy because it has an effect on the unborn baby and the pregnant mother. Good posture in pregnancy keeps you safe from injury. If you are sitting, sit straight on a straight-backed chair, avoid standing for long, keep your shoulder normal, and avoid crossing your legs and other bad postures that can cause pains.

Be mindful of the type of clothing and footwear you put on during the course of your pregnancy. Try to avoid high heels at all cost and better stick to flat shoes, slippers and sandals. There is lots of physical transformation on women during the time of pregnancy; therefore, a pregnant woman should always put on free sooth and comfortable clothing due to abdominal expansion, breast enlargement and other features that require balance.

Lifting of heavyweight during pregnancy is prone to cause back strain in some women depending on individual circumstances. The growing bump can cause pain in the lower back when a heavy load is been lifted. For this reason, try to avoid heavy lifts but if you must do so lift correctly to avoid back pain.

The correct sleeping position during pregnancy is to lay by the left side called sleep-on-side so as to increase the amount of blood and nutrients reaching the placenta and the baby. Sleeping on the back causes back pain, breathing difficulties and other sicknesses.

Benefits of prenatal massage therapy are not limited to stopping back pains during pregnancy. It also reduces symptoms of depression, muscle pain, anxiety related problems and improves labour.

Physical exercises are good for overall health and the case of pregnant women is not an exception. Scientific studies show that that physical activity of any kind helps to keeps pregnant women physically fit, treat back and pelvic pains, normalize blood pressure, maintain optimal weight gain and induces labour.

Different complementary remedial treatments are always suggested for pregnant women that tend to treat pelvic and back pains experienced during pregnancy. Some of them are natural therapies such as aromatherapy, acupressure and acupuncture which can be essentially considered.

With the help of the tips above, you can overcome back pains during the period of pregnancy. It is said to be a common complaint though, but some women don’t experience such during pregnancy. So while the backache is gone, you can relax comfortably and enjoy the wonderful period until delivery.

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