Fitness Apps to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

10 Fantastic Fitness Apps to Achieve Your Fitness Goals


Fitness has many benefits, but it is usually difficult for some persons to achieve their fitness goals independently.


They need motivation from the exercise classes or the gym. But what about those persons that cannot or do not want to visit the gym?


Well, that is where technology can be helpful. With the right fitness app on your smartphone, you can achieve your fitness goals with ease.


Made available here is the list of reliable, quality, and highly reviewed fitness apps that you can download to help you out.


(1) MyFitnessPal 


Helps build a healthy nutritional habit for your fitness goal, weight loss, weight increase, or maintaining a healthy weight.


Since its inception in 2005, the app has been leading in the fitness industry. It has over eleven million food on its database and is capable of calculating many recipes.


It provides an accurate database for the nutritional values of the food the user consumes in terms of macronutrients, fibre, energy, and sugar. It also logs the users’ physical activities and customizes fitness goals.


It is pertinent to note here it does not calculate sodium and cholesterol. Also, the user needs to make payments to have access to the premium package that contains the complete service.


MyFitnessPal has a community of persons online that offer fitness encouragement, support, and ideas. The app combines with over 50 apps and devices to give the users the best results.


(2) Nike Training Club


Nike Training Club is an exercise app that offers videos of different kinds of advanced workouts. The app also has more than 200 workouts that you can do without exercise equipment or even by visiting the gym.


The workouts here include training on yoga, cardio, strength, and lots more. The videos here have a routine exercise of over 50 minutes with the personal trainer voicing out tips and voicing time and suggestions.


These workouts are helpful to athletes preparing for competitions and individuals training to achieve their fitness goals.


The lists of workouts at the Nike Training Club are designed by professionals and are customized with recommendations to meet individual fitness goals.


Regardless of your fitness level, Nike Training Club can give you a promising start-up and then engage and motivate you as you progress.


(3) Sworkit


Sworkit is a user-friendly workout app that generates a workout plan after choosing from compiled categories such as stretching, strength, yoga, or cardio.


The user can allocate time for each of the workouts and choose challenges that come up monthly.


More so, Sworkit enables users to have private conversations with the trainers of the app and can throw in their questions, comments, and even request for physical coaching.


It is suitable for beginners and advanced professionals in all kinds of workouts that do not require exercise equipment or a visit to the gym.


Sworkit is the app for persons working out for weight loss, muscle gain, better flexibility, improved endurance, and weight maintenance.


(4) Strava


Strava is a fitness app for persons interested in cycling, swimming, and running. The app combines the data from your workout in graphic form.


Strava keeps track of your heart rate, including distance covered, calories burned, increase and speed.


Strava has challenges you can join for your workout with other app users and allows users to share pictures and follow themselves to discuss related topics.


The app tracks each competitor or user's speed and location using their smartphone GPS. Upon completion of every challenge, it combines data to determine the winners of the segment.




JEFIT is the app that plans workouts for gym visitors. It is a fast means of tracking progress in training sessions and inspires and motivates gym users.


It is ideal for taking your JEFIT app to the gym to track your progress and that of your friends. The app also gives insights on the best ways to work out to meet your goals.


The app has a feature that tracks changes in body parts and exercises more than 1,300 different kinds.


(6) Openfit


Openfit is a live workout app with live classes that span more than 200 every week. The professional trainers here offer personalized feedbacks and easy-to-understand instructions on different workouts.


Openfit helps you keep track of your workout progress while motivating you to enjoy your fitness plan.


During the classes, you can face your camera for a trainer to see and offer feedback to you, and you can also choose from kickboxing, yoga, barre strength training, or any other fitness plan.


Since it was launched in 2019, it has increasingly added different workout programs, courses, and expert trainers to its app.


Users can plan their workout classes ahead of the day and get a hundred percent of their money back within 14 days of their first subscription.


(7) Headspace


Headspace provides a detailed guide for beginners in meditation. It is recommended fitness app for those who want to reduce stress and improve wellbeing and health.


The practices at Headspace work well with mindfulness. It also provides guidelines for food choices and recipes, as well as weight loss tips.


The app is mainly for achieving focus before going into other workout plans because it takes care of mental health.


The program starts with the basics of meditation and then advances to the complex parts, which range from depression, persistent pain, nervousness, etc.


(8) Freeletics


The focal point of this fitness app is bodyweight exercises. Freeletics offers workouts on squats, burpees, sit-ups, and other kinds of fitness programs.


Freeletics offers a customized audio coach on a wide range of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), among other bodyweight exercises. The app provides support for the users as well as motivation and tips on bodyweight exercises.


(9)  8fit


8fit is an app with a combination of meal planning programs and workout programs customized for your fitness needs.


Depending on your chosen fitness goal, the app personalizes your information and offers propositions, reminders, and actionable thoughts on diet and exercise that work.


8fit offers guidelines on healthy eating habits, fitness ideas, and weight-loss information that soothes all sorts of your goals.


(10)  Map My Run


Map My Run app tracks not just run but also yoga, cycling, walking, and brisk walking, among others. The app tracks and maps over six hundred fitness activities in its log.


The app goes with a gear tracker that can be fastened to the footwear while running and at other exercises.


Map My Run also keeps track of accessible running sites within your location and can be combined with other devices for better results.


Final words


The list of 10 fantastic fitness apps above has excellent reviews and is reliable and convenient for the purpose for which they operate.


These apps can be used on iPhone and Android alike and are very easy to use and affordable when you want to go for their premium packages.


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