Basic Things To Do To Make Your Car Last Longer in Africa

Purchasing a car in most African countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and other African countries; is capital intensive; car dealers no doubt are patronised by local buyers who can afford to buy those cars.

Once one purchases a car, he or she will face the responsibility of maintaining it in order to last longer. Doing this often will also ensure the vehicle is safe, problem free and sound for easier usage.

However, the situation may be different if the car is not well maintained which may result for the car to starts depreciating fast, if it lacks those adequate and continous maintenance.

Unfortunately, most times, mechanics hardly give the right maintenance advice that will make your car last longer as they prefer allowing the vehicle to develop fault so that they will be paid for the repair.


To ensure your car last longer, the following tips should serve as directives;

Study the Car Manual

Take time to go through your car manual, as this will spell out the recommended maintenance guideline that will prevent expensive faults.


Drive your car to a distant daily

There is a need for you to move your car to an expected distant daily as this will help evaporate accumulated water in your exhaust muffler and prevent rust. This means parking your car for a long time can easily contribute to its depreciation or car problem.


Check the Fluids in the Car always

Ensure you constantly check the fluids in the vehicle so as to top it up when it has gone down.

Such fluids include power transmission oil, brake fluid, antifreeze oil among others.

Make sure there is enough fuel or diesel to avoid endangering your carburettor or injector.

Furthermore, try to check the gear and engine oil every morning before starting your car engine.

The dip stick will always show you the oil level of the engine and gear.


Change the Engine Oil at intervals

Try to change the engine oil at least once a month as its viscosity will enhance the workings of the engine components such as the oil pump, crankshaft, metals and main bearings and others. Ensure you use a good brand of sealed oil always. Always change the oil filter same time with the oil.


Replace the Air-filter at intervals

Always check the air filter and replace it when it is dusty otherwise it will affect the performance of the vehicle. Some air filters are housed in a clipped apartment; others are housed in an apartment sealed with bolt or screw.


Flush the fluids at intervals

It is advised that you flush the fluids when ones it loses its quality. This will protect some parts of the vehicle from wearing out.


Check the brake system always

Don’t joke with the brake system of your car. Try to find out the workings of the upper and down clutch system, the flexible pipes and caliper. This will also save you the risk of a car accident that can lead to loss of lives and property.


Check the tyres everyday

Check the four tyres of your vehicle and the spare each morning to ensure they are sound before driving out as poor and weak tyres can burst on the way leading to crash.

It is also advised that you change the positions of tyres of the vehicle as this to an extent ameliorates wear and tear and extends the life of the tyres.


Go for vehicle alignment

There is a need for you to go for vehicles alignment as this will extend the life of the tyres and will protect the vehicle from shaking while on speed.


Don’t speed up immediately you start the car

Don’t make the mistake of speeding up the vehicle immediately you switch on the ignition. Allow the vehicle to warm so that engine oil will circulate its various compartments. When you drive off, start slowly and gradually increase the speed.


Wash your car regularly

Make sure you wash your car as often times as possible as this will help get rid of mud and other things that can lead to rust.

Remember that washing your car often makes it attracting and nice looking.


Cars last longer not only because the owner is rich enough to afford the cost of maintenance but because some guideline in the owner’s manual is followed as directed.

Car owners in Africa who will follow these directives stand a better chance of making their car stronger and last longer than expected.

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