How To Sell Fairly Used Car In Nigeria

The practice of selling off used cars after few years of usage is becoming increasingly noticed in Nigeria; this they say is to enable them to purchase a sound car and avoid spending a lot on the already depreciating one.

Most times, selling used cars has always been difficult due to the fact that people see it as problem vehicle and needed to be convinced that the car is still working well.


The guide below has been provided for one who wants to easily sell his used car in Nigeria and other African countries.

Have a target audience

Targeting your audience is the first step in the right direction in selling your used vehicle.

You need to know the people that admire your brand of vehicle and position your car closer to them.

For instance, in Northern Nigeria most buyers are likely to buy Honda and Peugeot cars, while in Lagos and nearby states in the South more of Volkswagen products or any vehicle with low fuel consumption may be preferred due to road cogestion.


Fix the faulty parts

Ensure you fix the faulty parts of the vehicle so that once the buyer inserts the ignition key, the car starts and moves without any hitch.

A buyer is likely to lose interest when they discovers faults from the vehicle they are about to buy.


Maintain a moderate price

Fix the price at an affordable rate so as to sell if off sooner than later.

Remember that the value of used cars depreciate if they are packed longer in a particular place.

The earlier you sell it off, the better. Assuming that the set price of the car is ₦300, 000 and the highest bidder prized a little lesser like ₦250,000 - 270,000, you may consider collecting the money to avoid spending money and time fixing the old car.


Keep your car neat and attractive

There is a popular saying that first impression matters, therefore, there is a need for you to wash and dust your car regularly so as to be attractive at all times.

This will catch the attention of people who may likely develop an interest to buy the car because of its neatness.


Advertise your car

Apart from positioning your car near the target audience, talk to influential people as they can convince others to buy your vehicle.

Also, try to inform mechanics, electricians, panel beaters, spare parts dealers and others in car related business as they are likely to know people in need of a car.

Don’t forget to talk to friends about the car and you can aslo post the picture and the prize of the car in online marketplace like OLX and Jiji.


Invite Mechanics

You might involve a mechanic who has worked on the car for some time to convince a buyer that the vehicle is sound, you can alternatively advise them to come with their own mechanic to evaluate the vehicle, however, you have to be fast in communicating with their own mechanic if he comes in with one or else he will run down the car value before the buyer.


Test Drive-the Car

Apart from starting the car on the stand, there is a need for you to test drive the car together with the buyer.

This will show the buyer the performance of the car and will create a forum for buyer-seller questions and answers.

Allow the buyer to drive on his own free will mainly if he is licensed to drive.

Putting the above guidelines in practice will definitely help you sell your old vehicle fast and will even make you know the best way you can easily sell your own car when the need arise.

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