Avoid This Things While Trying to Quit Smoking

Every plan is been directed towards aims and objectives. The plan of quitting smoking is a good one and should be targeted towards things to do in order to achieve this aim. On the other hand, there are things you should avoid which are provided below in this article so as to help you quit for good.

•    The major point is that you should be patient if you really want to quit for good. Starting is very easy but once you have been addicted, it could be hard to stop. Do not be impatient because of temptations you may experience while trying to quit smoking.

•    Nicotine that is contained in the cigarette has an effect on appetite suppression and increased metabolism. Research has shown that smoking addicts who quitted smoking are at a risk of eating much food because their metabolism has slowed down to normal making them feel hungrier after quitting.
        During this time, you will feel like eating much food so as to be okay and ease away the urge for smoking. Do not overeat when you have quitted instead take a small portion of healthy square meals three times daily. When you miss any square meal, it will make you feel hungrier and can make you eat more than enough of unbalanced diet which can cause overweight.

•    Smoking is an unhealthy habit that is linked to several other bad practices. Once you are on the track quitting, other bad habits that encourage smoking should be stopped as well. If you carry on with them, be sure of not going back to the smoking habit. So every chain habits that encourage smoking should be cut off.

•    Another important point here is to make new friends other than those friends you smoke with while on an outing. This is helpful if actually, you want to stick to your new habit of quitting smoking. Similarly, do not hand around other smokers as well so that you won't keep inhaling the smoke which may tempt you to fall back to the habit.

•    If you know the occasions involving situations that normally cause you to smoke, avoid them. Activities that increase your desire for smoking should be stopped when you are trying to quit. For instance, if you usually smoke when you are at the bar or drinking with your friends you can search for important TV programs and replace with such activities in the meantime.

•    You may find yourself fall back to smoking while trying to quit, don’t beat yourself up. This means that you should not be too hard on yourself or count yourself as a failure just because you slipped. It is not easy to quit smoking but it is normal to fall back. When you find out that you have taken one or more sticks in the quitting process what you should do is to stop again immediately. Remember your main purpose for quitting; try to observe what made you slip and then avoid it. You can fall on several occasions, don’t border because most people do before they finally quit for good.

You have been presented with things to avoid while trying to quit smoking, play your part keeping to them. Though it is not easy, save determination is the key to achieving your aim. Once you are determined, do it with courage and see the result within a period of time.

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