Iyin Ekiti State


Eyemote Comprehensive High School Field, Iyin, Ekiti State
0814 645 9598

Asacyof Football Club is a division of the All Saints Anglican Church youth forum and the offical team of the youths forum.

Egirioke High School, Iyin, Ekiti State

Egirioke High School is arguably considered one of the best community high Schools offering quality secondary educational programs in Iyin.

Eyemote Comprehensive High School, Iyin, Ekiti State

Community Comprehensive High School in Iyin Ekiti State.

Imam Hussein Sanusi Islamic Foundation, Iyin, Ekiti State
0803 731 4129

An organisation formed under the umbrella of Alhaji Hussein Sanusi, the chief imam, iyin Ekiti. to support islamic movement across the nation.