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706, Azikoro Road, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State Nigeria

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Jah Cooling System specializes in the repairs, maintenance and supplies of air conditioner and is situated at Yenegoa, Bayelsa State.

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Corporate Finance & Advisory
We render comprehensive package of Corporate Finance & Advisory Services to corporate bodies and public sector clients.

The scope of our corporate finance service offering is unparalleled within the marketplace. In assisting you develop and implement your strategic objectives, we have experts with proven execution capabilities to support you throughout the process to a successful conclusion.

Deal Structuring

We specialise in developing financial plans that put you in a fair negotiating position while you talk to investors, plus we manage the process, only with you succeeding in mind.

Over the years we have acquired the secrets and garnered experience in Deal Structuring which helps you show potential investors the benefits of taking a risk on you, rather than your competitors.
Project Finance

Being who we are, and believing in your dreams, we’ll do all we can to get your projects funded, giving you the right kind of advice to ensure your project is bankable. We prepare financial plans, identify, assess and manage the risks, design the financing mix, and raise the funds.

In addition, we understand the cogent analyses of project financing plans that succeed. We have the knowledge-base required regarding designing contractual arrangements to support project financing; issues for the host government legislative provisions, public/private infrastructure partnerships, public/private financing structures; credit requirements of lenders, and how to determine the project's borrowing capacity; how to prepare cash flow projections and use them to measure expected rates of return; tax and accounting considerations; and analytical techniques to validate the project's feasibility. Whatever the direction your success is high on our priorities.


Judging by our wealth of experience, getting loan to fund your big ideas should not be a challenge. Whether lending from a source or a group of lenders, we structure, arrange, and administer the process making sure your ideas never die a loan-starved death.

Be rest assured that we would use our networks and wealth of experience to ensure your project is funded at the right price and timing. As much as you need that loan, be such we would live to our word because it is our bond.
Issuing House Services

When going for the big outing, we know how best to make your outing truly big. We package, pre-market and underwrite your Public Offers, Private Placements, Bonds of all classes & other capital issue instruments as you seek to raise funds from the capital market. In performing this role, we advise you on the structure of capital market, pricing of securities as well as appropriate timing of Public Issues. In addition, we prepare and file registration statement/application with the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as coordinating activities of all parties to the Issue. We also manage the Issue from mandate stage until the money is delivered to the Issuer. Wouldn’t you rather we take you out.
Accounting and Auditing

Punctuality alone is not the soul of business; it must be accompanied by proper accounting and auditing, which is where we come into you give you qualitative and quantitative audit of persons, systems, processes, enterprises, projects or products. Be rest-assured we would give you nothing but valid and reliable assessments that help you make better business decisions, gaining internal control as you succeed in business.

As you obey authorities in tax payment, you need expert advice that spells out your options. Not only do we offer advice, we take the burden of tax calculations and computation off your shoulder, while you concentrate on doing more profitable business. We stand by you in your drive towards responsible corporate citizenship.

Restructuring and Recapitalization

Whatever your reason for restructuring, we would stand by as you shed old skin for a more befitting one, after all, the only thing we wish is for you to become a new person, better positioned with a stable structure. Having stood by you whilst shedding skin, we go miles further to ensure you stay in business by protecting from hostile economic conditions and nurturing you back on your feet, we would also provide you with insightful, strategic and actionable advice. Guess what? You would be better for it.

Capital Market Operations

Whether buying or selling stocks and bonds, lending or borrowing or simply exploring the derivatives at the capital market at the Primary or Secondary markets, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in all capital market activities with the aim of helping you realize your life-long visions in business and in life as a whole. You are welcome to the capital market and we would be your tour guide.

Advisory Services

We provide advice and fairness opinion on Mergers/Acquisitions, Management Buy-Outs/Buy-Ins, Leveraged Buy-Outs and Privatisation of government owned enterprises. In addition, we have domain experts who advise on the revitalization of moribund state owned businesses, with the add-on benefit of sourcing core investors/technical partnership for such businesses, on the client’s request.

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Business & Market Research
Feasibility Study

In your quest for success we would provide fuel for your dreams and even do the leg work to make sure they come true. Be it small scale projects or extra-large ones, we would provide you with objective and rational opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of your existing business or proposed venture, high-lighting the opportunities and assist you in managing threats. Go all out, dream dreams and you would be surprised how willing we are to see you through to success.
Business / Market Intelligence

Business the world over changes with the times and to stay in business you need all the help you can get to keep you abreast of emerging trends and opportunities. In this regard Development Research & Derivatives, (DRD), comes to apply computer-based techniques to identify, extract and analyse data which can assist you in making business decisions. In doing our job, we exploit open-source information gathered from global markets, which we analyse and localize for your sense making.
Business Plan

As you set business goals, be sure you have a friend in us to see it through from conceptualisation to actualisation. As you plan new businesses or slightly adjust existing ones, we would provide you with all the support you need.

Don't be intimidated by present conditions your business faces, we have got what it takes to help you manoeuvre the business terrain, as we provide you with comprehensive, and thoughtful business plans. We go steps further by showing you the road map in achieving your goals and objectives.

Whether a big business or niche, we have got the capacity to handle your business thoughts, as we would avail you with useful market analyses and update with current trends.

A brand is more than a name, it’s a promise. That’s why we take our time in doing everything and anything to endear your brand to customers and prospects. This we do by creating planned programmes of action that make your goods and services number one, differentiating and distancing them from that of competitors.

Since it is our commitment to see you succeed, we leave no stone unturned in making sure your brand reside within the hearts and minds of your customers and prospects. This we do by creating worth-the-while experiences which in turn influence perceptions.

As the battle for customers intensifies day by day, be sure you will always win because you’ve got us on your side to help you fulfill your promise of unequalled service and experience.
Strategy Development / Implementation

In today’s ever competitive business environment, you need more than technical-how to stay in business. You need to know how to defend your existing markets and break into emerging ones, a feat you can only achieve by employing the right strategies or at least employing some with the right strategies.

We provide you with positive-result-guaranteed strategies. Our highly experienced and qualified team of consultants also ensure that such strategies are implemented to the letter, taking note of all the details, and keeping you on track in your drive towards success.

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