Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company  

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Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company of Nigeria is the first indigenous vehicle and motorcycle manufacturing plant in Nigeria.

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Mon - Fri: 08.00am - 5:00pm

5 stars

I have researched a lot about this great automobile company and have come to love it. This is one of the best made-in-Nigeria cars,our people should support it so Innocent Chukwuma can help in the eradication of tukunbo cars in Nigeria.

5 stars
reviewed Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company

I like innoson vehicle company because they car are also extraordinary.

5 stars

Thank you so much Innoson for responding to this great call into the automobile industry and also for standing as an eye for Nigeria in this industry that procures change in any nation of the earth. Thank you again!

4 stars
reviewed Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company

Haven't driven any of your car but believe I will someday.....This should be a starting for Nigeria in the wake of inventions.

5 stars

I have not driven any Innoson made car but I see them with high esteem for weathering the storms and success is theirs! Kudos Innoson.