Ifo Local Government Area

Ifo Local Government Area Secretariat, Ifo, Ogun State, Nigeria

Short Description

Ifo Local Government Area is one of the LGA in Ogun State consisting of several towns and villages including Akute, Agbado, Ifo, Ojoolu, Abeloju, Jagunna, Lerin, Pakoto, and Alapoti.

Business Information

Ifo Local Government Area is a local government area of Ogun state with its administrative headquarter in Ifo town. This local council area dwellers are majorly into farming (maily cultivation of Cassava, kolanut, sugarcane, rice, and plantain), local trading and related businesses.

This local government has a recognized major market which provides avenue for buying and selling of goods and services for the area dwellers.

Working Hours

8am - 4pm (Mondays to Fridays)

Registered Nigeria Business


Number of Employees

20 and upwards

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Types of Product

Towns under Ifo Local Government Area

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