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44, Main Street, Yeniru- Epie, Bayelsa State Nigeria

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DN Meyer Paint Plc is a leading paint manufacturer with one of its distribution branch in Yeniru- Epie Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Business Information

DN Meyer Plc Meyer Gladiator Paint
Highly permeable to water vapour and carbon dioxide
Outstanding water repellant.
Solvent free aqueous.
Easy to paint over.
Very good resistance to weathering, industrial or environmental air pollution
Easy to apply by brush, roller and spray.
Ecological friendly.
Exterior application only.
Excellent for high rise buildings.
Last for up to 15 years.

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Types of Product

DN Meyer Autocryl (Double Pack)
A premium, two pack P.U. finish
Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.
Easy to apply by spraying.
Ultraviolet light absorber.
High gloss finish.
Washable Finish.
Good impact resistance.
Excellent colour retention
Good covering power
Good adhesion and hardness.
Application by spraying.

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