Umuahia Hospitals and Medical Centres

Hospitals and Medical Centres

36 ,Azikiwe Road, Umuahia North, Abia, Nigeria

Grace Touch Hospital is an hospital with experience medical personals.

Block 3 ,Amuzukwu Road, Umuahia North, Abia, Nigeria
08037804967, 08057307927

Hammersmith Medical Centre is a reputable medical centre with great medical facilities.

Plot 25 Onyemaobi Layout, Umuahia North, Abia, Nigeria

St. Michael' S Hospital provides medical and surgical service solutions.

2 Road A ,World Bank Housing Estate Road, Umuahia North, Abia, Nigeria

Sunshine Hospital provides services in radiological, obstetrics & gynecology, orthopedic, dental, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, laboratory, pediatrics, medical examination test and general surgeries.

Via Amafor Road Junction / Eziama Ossah (After Mission Hill), Umuahia, Abia State Nigeria

Ultimate Salvation Hospital is a private owned hospital in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State. It has laboratory services, maternity, non-surgical treatment facilities for breast, prostrate & cervical cancer patients & General hospital.