Catering Schools Yaba

Catering Schools

13 McEwen Street, Yaba, Lagos
0705 775 0243, 0818 327 2503

Giggles Culinary Place embodies a culinary and catering school offering an outstanding hands on training courses to their students who aspires to be a professional chefs in Nigeria.

34 St Finbars Road, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos
0809 518 7571

Roux de Noir Institute of Culinary Arts offers training courses on baking and patisserie, professional chef program and cuisine to any individuals who aspires to be a professional chefs.

Oju Elegba, 93 Oju Elegba Road, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
0802 309 4737, 0809 761 449

Flourish Cakes And Occasions Training Institute is a training school grooming its students on the act of modern catering, events, and makeup.

10 Ameen Street, Yaba, Lagos
0708 491 2404

PrettyDreams Catering & Events School is a catering school that offers a comprehensive catering training on equipment leasing and menu designing for up coming chefs.