Bariga Shomolu Health Services

Health Services

2, Onabola Street, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos
08066865881, 08033019759

Adesola Clinic provides clinical services in physiotherapy, medical diagnosis and treatment.

22, Alubarika Street, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos
08056505588, 07031008133

Drug En Gilead Health Care Services is an organisation that provides drugs and medical services consultancy and is located Bariga, Lagos.

5, Olaniyi Street, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos
08034454721, 09090011626

Essex Clinic offers medical services in diagnosis, research, and treatment and is located in Bariga, Lagos.

32, Bariga Road, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos
08176166037, 08026950269

Remedy Maternity Centre is a health and maternity center providing medical services and facilities for pregnant women, child delivery, antenatal and postnatal.

288, Home Touch Street, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos
08149945594, 07085771665

Virtual Health Resources is a health maintenance organization providing nutrition and health care consultancy, free health seminars, blood test, blood sugar test, cervical cancer test, prostate cancer test, general body test, etc