Bariga Shomolu Food Services

Food Services

46, Onabola Street, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos

Alake Bakery Confectioneries Nigeria Enterprises is an FMCG distributor on bakeries such as cakes, bread and pies.

48, Awofodu Street, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos

Goodies Bite Confectionery offers food services on drinks, beverages, small chops, cocktail and fast food.

6, Kusa Street, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos
08027203371, 08035676999

Idera Frozen Food is a frozen food dealer on meat, fish, turkey, beef, pork and lots more and is located in Bariga, Lagos.

14, Dahomey Street, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos
08026826100, 07062953044

Loving Frozen Food offers the sales of all kinds of frozen foods such as chicken, turkey, fish and lots more

46, Onabola Street, Pedro Road, Bariga, Shomolu Lagos

Rich Bite Confectionery Bread offers services in food bakeries, snack and pies and also renders home delivery and package services.