Kano Bag Manufacturing Companies

Bag Manufacturing

53, Fagge Takudu, Kano, Kano Nigeria
08033355055, 07093698969, 07082948371

African Textiles Manufacturers Ltd. has its head office in Kano.

KM 11, Hadejia Road, Gunduwawa, Kano Nigeria
08034080823, 064-646049

Decent Bag Industries Limited is the manufacturer of polythene and polypropylene bags products in Kano.

46/49, Sharada Industrial Estate Phase 3, Kano, Kano, Nigeria
08035041250, 08025508540, 06-4892414

Northern Bag Manufacturing Co.Ltd is one of the leading bag manufacturing industries in Kano.

10A, Dantata Road, Kano, Kano Nigeria
08037021362, 064-640928

Camel Star Limited is a manufacturer of polypropylene mats and sacks product in Kano.

10, Dantata Road, Bompai Industrial Estate, Bompai, Kano Nigeria

Dabeno Enterprises Limited offers services on the production of mats, poly bags and material waste recycling.