Kaduna Hospitals


No. 1 Dr. Obineche Close Off, Sani Sami Road, Malali, Kaduna, Nigeria
0703 704 2632

Belmont Specialist Hospital is a registered and approved private hospital in Kaduna established by a consultant obstetrician & gynacologist who works with a team of qualified nurses and doctors to provide medical care and diagnostics among others.

No. 14A Isa Kaita Road, Unguwar Sarki, Kaduna, Nigeria
0807 575 7911, 0803 373 3152

Dialogue Specialist Clinic is a private hospital with qualified, competent and committed medical personnel that is approved to provides a wide range of medical services such as internal medicine, surgical services, ENT and more.

G8/9 Jos Road Kaduna Metropolis, Kakuri, Kaduna State Nigeria
0708 818 4485, 0704 271 1488, 0803 311 1034

Jowako Specialist Hospital is a healthcare hospital that specialize on general medical practices, radiology, pediatrics and general surgery among others.

No 5, Abba Kyari Close, off Kinshasa Road, Ungwan Rimi G.R.A, Kaduna, Nigeria
0803 311 2061, 0806 912 7721

Mends Specialist Hospital & Aviation Medical Center is a healthcare establishment providing a wide range of services such as accidents and emergencies care services, general out-patient, x-ray services and more.

No. 5 Yakubu Avenue, Ungwan Rimi, Ungwan Rimi GRA, Kaduna North Nigeria
0809 033 2958

Nisa Fertility Hospital Kaduna is a fertility centre with a team of medical professional that handle IVF (in vitro fertilization) cases, artificial insemination, and infertility procedures.

No 5 College Road, Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 305 7195, +234800000000
064 410 939

Sefa Specialist Hospital provide experts surgeons, physicians, pediatricians, obstetricians, etc, to attend to various health issues.

Kachia Road, Kakuri Mekara Kaduna South, Kaduna Nigeria
0905 396 4046, 0905 396 4050

St. Gerard's Catholic Hospital is for surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology, pharmacy, X-Ray Services, ante-natal, immunization services, physiotherapy, orthopedic, radiology, ultra sound scanning, laboratory, endoscopy and mortuary services.

26 A Yahaya Road U/Rimi G.R.A, Ungwan Munchi, Kaduna State Nigeria
0806 776 3457

The Multiclinic Specialist Hospital is one of the fully equipped specialist hospitals in Kaduna providing professional quality healthcare services via cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, general medicine, endocrinology, pathology, physiotherapy etc.

The Muslim Specialist Hospital Danmagaji, Wusasa-Zaria, Kaduna Nigeria
0806 159 8606

The Muslim Specialist Hospital is a Kaduna based medical center providing health service at affordable cost via antenatal services, dental services, accident & emergency, laboratory & blood bank services and more.

Dalet Barrack, Ali Akilu Road Hayin Banki, Kawo, Kaduna, Nigeria

1 Division Hospital is a military healthcare facility in Kawo Kaduna state with medical experts that offers friendly general outpatient medicare services, surgical services and other variety of health care provisions.

Sokoto Road, Badiko, Kaduna, Nigeria

44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital Kaduna State (44 NARHK) is a reference hospital with great medical teams that provides absolute healthcare and medical treatment for both military personnel and other categories of individuals.

Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Iwa Road, Shika, Zaria, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 629 1452, 0803 389 4658

ABUTH is a health institution providing medical solutions and training for health students in Kaduna.

Lafia Road, City Centre, Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria
0705 385 6556, 0803 632 4111, 0803 314 6100
0706 077 7749

Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital provides medical services on obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, radio-diagnostic, dialysis, leprosy and tuberculosis.

15 Isa Kaita Road, City Centre, GRA, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 450 8394, 0806 805 7117, 0805 819 6064

Chasel Hospital is a certified healthcare organization that has a team of qualified doctors that provides medical health services on gynaecological, obsteritrics and piadectrics.

No 4, MM Lawal Jafaru Isa Road, Ungwan Munchi, Kaduna State Nigeria
0803 800 2340

Diamond Specialist Hospital specializes in general medicine, obstetrics, pharmacy and surgery, and lots more and is located in Kaduna City.

Plot 18, Gongola Road,off Challawa Barnawa Crescent, Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria
0807 109 1117, 0807 109 1111, 0807 109 1118
0903 900 3525

Epsilon Specialist Hospital is a Superspecialty hospital providing healthcare in all field of medicine and surgery. Our core areas are neurosurgery, general surgery, paediatric surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Barnawa, Kaduna South, Kaduna Nigeria
0818 198 6590, 0806 222 4913

Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital is tertiary mental health institution for psychiatric care services in Kaduna.

1A Sultan Road, City Centre, Ungwan Sariki, Kaduna State Nigeria
0703 745 1079, 0803 514 9559

Garkuwa Specialist Hospital is a private healthcare organization and an NHIS accredited hospitals offering special and general health care services, and is situated in Kaduna City.

Yamusa Road, Kawo, Kaduna, Nigeria

General Hospital is a government owned public healthcare organization coordinated by Kaduna state ministry of health that specialize on health care delivery to residents of Kawo.

No. 1A Akilu Road, Abakpa G.R.A, Kaduna North, Nigeria
0819 157 9784

Giwa Hospital And Specialist Clinic is a licensed healthcare facility in Kaduna state certified by the Ministry of Health to offer range of services such as maternity, surgical services, psychiatric, paediatrics and others.

No. 10 Sylvester Idakwo Crescent, After Jumia Office, Barnawa, GRA, Kaduna, Nigeria

Graceland Hagwop Hospital is a dully approved private hospital with a team of qualified health practitioners specializing in different fields to provide tailored medical services, surgical and other kinds of healthcare.

No 74 Narayi Road, Barnawa Kaduna South, Kaduna State Nigeria
0803 705 3961, 0803 451 6228

Harmony Specialist Hospital provides services in obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, pediatrics, physiotherapy, ultrasonography, internal medicine, general practice and more.

No 7 Kagara Close off Gwari Crescent, Unguwar Rimi, Kaduna Nigeria

Iyali Hospital And Maternity is a healthcare facility that is focused on providing pregnancy care, handling childbirth, immunization and other ranges of medical services.

No 8A Makera Main Road, Mekara, Kaduna, Kaduna State Nigeria
0803 349 6433

Maneks Hospital is a clinic and maternity center situated in Kaduna City providing patients with effective healthcare services in general medicine, medical treatment and diagnosis.

Salvation Hospital and Maternity, Kaduna South, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 052 3690

Salvation Hospital and Maternity is a health service solution center providing professional medical diagnostics and medicare services in Kaduna.