Bus Parks Enugu

Bus Terminals

122 Ogui Road (Opposite Enugu Stadium), Ogui Enugu, Nigeria
0814 255 2427, 0814 255 2428, 0813 086 5535

An Enugu transport service terminal for executive inter state shuttle services.

Enugu State Transport Company (ENTRACO) Motor Park. No. 5 Onitsha Road Opposite Radio Nigeria, Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria
0809 869 1399, 0818 946 9755

Benue Link Transport is one of the transportation company in Nigeria, it is owned by Benue state government, they have comfortable buses in all their terminals including Enugu park.

No 13 Market Road, Ogbete, Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria
0810 651 7669, 0811 379 8985, 0808 927 3799

Chisco Transport provides buses for road transportation, they have terminals in most of the cities in Nigeria, where the offer both courier services and cargo services.

Main Market, Ogbete, Enugu State, Nigeria
0704 626 2171, 0704 626 2172, 0909 990 0911

E.Ekesons Transport is a transport and logistics company with an active terminal at Ogbete, Enugu operating bus transportation services for intercity and interstate travel according to accepted international standards of road transportation.

7, Market Road, Opposite State Library, Holy Ghost Park, Ogui, Enugu State, Nigeria
0813 985 1110

God Is Good Motors (GIGM) is one of the leading road transportation company with its terminal located in Ogui, Enugu, offering safe, reliable and quality transport services.

No 3, Market Road by Holy Ghost Cathedral Opp. Ogbete Main Market, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria
0807 509 0636, 0903 336 7275

GUO Transport is a road transportation operator with a location opposite Ogbete main market conveying passengers to almost all the cities within Nigeria at affordable prices.

No 49 Okpara Avenue, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria
0701 684 2178, 0812 773 7631

Nsik Motors (AKTC) is a transport company with office in Enugu, offering road transport services, courier services and bus charter services at a reduced amount.

No. 6 Okpara Avenue, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria
0700 732 2362, 0703 415 7751, 0805 509 1825

Peace Mass Transit Limited is one of the transport companies situated in Enugu, that provides safe, reliable and affordable transport services,

Opposite Gariki Market, Gariki, Enugu State
0705 579 4026, 0700 732 2362, 0703 415 7751

Peace Mass Transit Limited (PMT) offers online booking, live ticketing, bus hiring, and seat selection for safe, reliable and affordable transport to designated routes in Nigeria.

Liberty Junction, By Ogwuago Road, Abakpa Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria
0805 669 7088, 0703 415 7751, 0700 732 2362

Peace Mass Transit Limited (PMT) has terminals in almost all the cities in Nigeria, plying the major routes of the country with comfortable buses handled by professionals.

No 4A New Market Road, Opposite Holy Ghost, Ogbete, Enugu Nigeria
0806 925 0962, 0806 820 9224

Star Sunny Motors Limited provides range of services such as road transport from Enugu to Awka and Onitsha, haulage and vehicle charter services.

No 2 Market Road, By Entraco, Gariki, Enugu, Nigeria
0803 305 5301, 0803 318 4170, 0806 480 2281

Tracas Limited (Transport Company Of Anambra State) is a state owned transportation service company offering a round trip bus services, haulage and logistics.

353, Agbani Road, Garki, Enugu State, Nigeria
0803 371 3540, 0805 103 9030, 0803 724 2214

Abia State Transport Corporation provides services on inter state small bus transportation outside Enugu.

Ogui Junction, Opposite New Berries Park, Beside Juel Fuel Station, GRA, Enugu, Nigeria
0703 451 1409, 0703 451 1404

Autostar provide buses with comfortable seats for transportation services, they as well offer courier services in all their terminals.

Opposite Abuja Peace Park, Old Park, Enugu State, Nigeria
0806 426 0988, 0703 613 3109

Easy-Link Transport And Logistics provides fully air-conditioned buses for both inter-state and inter-city road transportation.

No 44 Zik Avenue, Uwani, Enugu, Nigeria
0818 406 1685, 0704 555 9110

Ekenedilichukwu Express Limited offer transportation services, courier services, haulage services, cargo services in all their terminals across the state.

Km 11, Abakaliki Road, Enugu, Enugu Nigeria
0803 324 1196

Enugu State Transport Company is an Enugu based transport service provider,offering excellent services.

By Ogbete Main Market, Holy Ghost, Enugu Nigeria
0806 392 2418, 0807 817 6536

G. Agofure Motors is a road transport and logistics company in Nigeria having an operative terminal at Holy Ghost, Enugu for bus services and related logistics.

Car Show Plaza, 254 Upper Ogui Road by Otigba Junction, Ogui, Enugu State
0805 703 6272, 0817 200 4001, 0817 200 4002
0817 200 4004

Genaro Nigeria Limited (Genaro Express) is a transport service company that takes care of passengers comfort, safety and prompt arrival in executive Sienna buses from Enugu to Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Warri and Asaba

No 1 Ogui Road, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria
0803 746 6944

Gold International Transport Nigeria Limited offers safe, secure, reliable and quality transport services.

No 12 Okpara Avenue, Enugu North, Enugu, Nigeria
0803 453 4051, 0803 812 2770

Ifesinachi Transport have terminals across the states in Nigeria, they provides good buses with professionals drivers, and also offers cargo services.

306 Agbani Road, Opposite Royal Palace Hotel, Gariki, Enugu State, Nigeria
0803 589 9908, 0803 848 8718, 0902 021 4899

ITC Transport (Imo State Transport Corporation) is a road transport company that offers shuttle services from Enugu to Owerri town, Imo state, Aba, Port Harcourt, Awka, Okigwe, Ibadan and other cities.

No 6, Market Road, Ogui, Enugu Nigeria
0817 464 0555, 0806 919 1709

Rivers State Transport Service is a reputable transportation service provider in Enugu.

Ogui Roundabout Road, Enugu, Enugu Nigeria
0805 500 4724, 0803 320 3189, 0803 406 6992

Young Shall Grow Motors Limited is one of the leading provider of bus shuttle for inter states transportation, with its service outlet based in Enugu.