Enugu, Enugu State Shopping Centers

Polo Park Amusement Centre, Enugu, Enugu State
0709 873 1471, 0709 873 1472

Polo Park Mall is a premium shopping mall with wide range of trading and recreational facilities in Enugu.

Nomeh Drive, Nowas, Enugu State
0818 724 2624

Roban Stores Trans-Ekulu is a retail store with departments for cosmetics, groceries, bakery, fashion, fruits, vegetables, beer, among others.

S D D 1 A Goshen Estate, Independence Layout, Phase 2, Enugu State
0803 361 3857, 0812 222 5290

Market Afrique Limited is an online market place selling electronics items such as tv, smart phones, laptops, gadjets and video games.

4 Ezillo Avenue, Impala Plaza, Independence Layout, Enugu State
0806 346 2580

Jumia Enugu Pickup Station is the collection center of Jumia online shopping platform offering sales of almost everything ranging from household goods, to groceries, electronics, furniture and lots more.

1 Market Road by Harco Filling Station, Off Ogui Road, Enugu State
0700 700 0000, 0708 063 5700, 0809 460 5555

Konga Retail Store is an online shopping platform selling computers and computer accessories, fashion products, groceries, toys among other items on their list.

Old Artisan Market, Asata, Enugu State
0803 776 4831, 0813 507 5442

Paulson Shopping Center is a daily-need retail provision store that sells beverages, personal care items, baby products and whole lots more.

56 Okpara Avenue, beside Masters Energy, , Enugu State
0906 208 3615, 0807 655 8957

Slot Enugu is an online and offline phone and electronics retail store, selling different brands of mobile phones, computers, accessories as well as repair of those products at affordable prices.

47 Mission Avenue, Ugbo Odogwu, Enugu State
0814 010 4061, 0703 041 7652, 0806 907 6459

234 Stores Trans Ekulu is a provision store popular for the sales of cold drinks, groceries, and lots of other items at low prices.

C2, No 1 Ogbete Main Market, Ogbete, Enugu State
0806 587 0018

Blessed Olivetex Electronics is an electronic store, offering sales, maintenance, repairs and installation of different kinds of electronics for home and commercial use.

Shop O 1, No 12 Main Market, Ogbete, Enugu State, Nigeria
0803 742 6572

Charity Bookshop is a bookshop that stocks subject books, novels, inspirational books, christian books and stationery for students of secondary and tertiary institutions.

33 Abakaliki Road, GRA, Enugu State

Chase Mall is a mall with steady security, parking spot and stores selling fashion accessories, groceries, and more, as well as corporate offices.

25, ZIK Avenue, Uwani Enugu, Enugu state
0818 235 4059,, 0810 081 3104

Chimax Groceries for grocery delivery service in Enugu. You can now buy your groceries online. We provide fast delivery of rice, cooking oil and chicken to any location within the Enugu metropolis.

51B Penok Pocket Estate, Old Abakaliki Road, Emene, Enugu State
0705 643 1284

D & M Plaza is a one storey building plaza housing supermarkets, game stores, pharmacy, eatery, and other businesses.

Plot 169, Independence Layout, Enugu
0809 641 8683

Derek's Mart is an online grocery store offering sales of baby care, groceries, household items, drinks, fruits & vegetables, beverages, canned & bottle foods, cereals and more.

No 10 Ogui Road Beside Fidelity Bank, Enugu, Enugu Nigeria
0803 603 9622

Didi Discount Shop is a shopping centre that offers wholesale and retail sales of wide range of goods basically kids items such as clothing, toys, shoes, playmat items, babycare items and more.

120 Nike Road, Abakpa Nike, Enugu State
0803 068 9475

Divine Providence Stores is a shopping center selling products ranging from groceries, toiletries, pastries, confectioneries, kitchen utensils and lots of other household items.

His Grace & Glory Plaza, Agbani Road, Ologo, Coal Camp, Enugu State, Nigeria
0806 157 4011, 0902 466 1800

Donablex Shopping Center is a place for shopping wide range of items such as beauty care products, personal care, wines, babycare products and lots more.

7 O'Connor Street, Asata, Enugu State Nigeria
0809 647 4847

Ebazaar is an online store that sells products on spa and massage, fashion and accessories, electronics, sports and entertainment, beauty products, stationery and more.

Ebeano Tunnel Crossing, Beside Oaklands Entertainment Park, Ogui Road, Enugu State
0703 508 8557, 0803 434 8008, 0808 526 0301

ELIM Plaza is a plaza used for multiple purposes, having stores, and offices engaged in food services, corporate businesses, fashion, and lots of other businesses.

Godfrey Okoye University, Thinkers Corner, Enugu State

Eze Amaechi Store is a home goods store selling at an affordable price stationary, groceries, confectioneries, and a wide range of other items.

72, College Road Housing Estate, Abakpa Nike, Enugu State

Ezeagu Super Stores is a shopping center with sections for the display and sales of groceries, toiletries, local condiments and other household goods at affordable prices.

7 Okpara Avenue, Off Garden Avenue, GRA, Enugu State

Garden Plaza is a one storey shopping complex with various shops and stores renndering sales and services ranging from groceries, to furniture, healthcare services, and so much more.

Shop C1 No 6 Main Market, Ogbete, Enugu State, Nigeria
0809 304 2013, 0703 446 3029

Home Of Wines And Spirits is a shopping center for sales of assorted wines and spirits delivered at any location in Enugu.

Off Ekpeluchi Avenue, Thinkers Corner, Enugu State

Jennifer Plaza is a shopping complex for the purchase of cosmetics, skin care products, groceries, stationery and lots more.

Shop No 19, Unegbe Plaza, New GRA, Trans Ekulu, Enugu, Nigeria
0703 684 8482

Lichim Stores And Meat Shop is a subsidiary of Lichim Nigeria Enterprises offering sales of wide range of grocery items, frozen foods and household products.

Ugbodogwu, by RCCG Trinity Sanctuary Parish, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu State
0818 631 4006

Mama Nzube Stores is a grocery store that sells local food ingredients, beverages, confectioneries, toiletries and other household products.

No 10 Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu, Nigeria
0818 224 9332

Milano Collection is a one-stop shopping place for quality Italian wears for men and women including shoes, bags and caps.

69 Ozubulu Street, Independence Layout, Enugu State
0703 260 3418

Nazzy Shopping Center is a shopping complex selling different kinds of products including groceries, electronics, fashion accessories, toys and lots more at affordable prices.

Mega Plaza, 5 Obiagu Road, Enugu, Enugu State
0901 275 7594

We sell computer accessories such as keyboard and mouse, laptop chargers, speakers, headphone, video and audio converters.

No 1 North, First Avenue, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu State
0803 521 9598

Nwokeocha Shoes produces, repairs, and sells different designs of female and male slippers, shoes, sandals and other kinds of foot wear at affordable rates.

Old Abakaliki Road, Thinkers Corner, Enugu State

Ochiri Plaza is a shopping plaza with shops selling confectioneries, groceries, drugs, fashion accessories and lots of other products.

No. 55 Ekpeluchi Avenue, Thinkers Corner, Emene, Enugu State
0802 272 9255

Ojels The University Mall is one storey shopping mall that has many outlets such as a restaurant, grocery store, supermarket, photo studio, and an outdoor event center.

No 33, Abakaliki Road, Close to Etisalat Office, G.R.A, Enugu, Nigeria
0902 454 4486

Ovis Stores is a one stop super store for shopping wide range of household products and grocery items.

7 Church Street, Abakpa Nike, Enugu State
0706 512 8328

Pamako Multi-services Store is a street convenience store that sells general household goods such as bread, beverages, condiments, toiletries, child care products and lots more.

Off St. Luke's Methodist Church, Ugwuaji, Enugu State
0806 304 0940

Priase God Grocery Store is a shopping center selling provisions, beverages, food items and other house hold products at affordable prices.