Enugu, Enugu State Government Offices

Lions Building Complex, Government House, Independence Layout, Enugu, Enugu State
(042) 451991, (042) 452519

Provide state services, public utilities, information on state house of assembly and local government services through the ministries.

Plot 21 Kings Way Road GRA, Enugu, Nigeria
0809 111 1411, 0803 310 0108, 080 3344 2965

Enugu State Housing Development Corporation is charged with the responsibility of implementing the State Government housing policy for all classes of people.

10 Park Avenue, GRA, Enugu State
0903 000 2189

DSS HQ Enugu; Department of State Services or State Security Service (SSS) is a security agency responsible for the protection, prevention and detection of crimes in Nigeria among other functions.

Plot 106, Federal Government Collage Road, Independence Layout, Enugu State

EFCC, Enugu Office; Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is responsible for combating all sorts of Economic and financial crimes in the country.

State Secretariat Complex, Okpara Avenue, Opposite State CID, GRA, Enugu, Nigeria
0814 990 6585, 0807 562 5555, 0903 000 1665

Enugu State IRS assess, collect and account for all accruable revenue due to the state by the efficient & skilled application of state of the art technology whilst productively engaging stakeholders through a competent & qualified human resource system.

8A Abakaliki Road, GRA, Enugu State
0807 769 0900

Federal Road Safety Commission provides highway regulations and road accident preventive measures, highway traffic control, drivers licences issuance and maintenance among other road related services.

Government House, Independence Layout, Enugu State

Government House is popularly called the Lions Building and it is a highly secured area, housing the governor of Enugu state and serves as an administrative office of the state.

5 F.S.P. Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu State
042 254 176

Ministry Of Transport is a charged with the responsibility of seeing to the smooth running transportation system in the state both by land, rail and water, through monitoring, regulations and much more.

10 Our Lord Street, by Monkey Roundabout, Independence Layout, Enugu State
0803 626 6587, 042 290 273

Nigeria Deposit Insurance Cooperation (NDIC) is a federal government agency protecting all kinds of deposits made to insurance companies across the country.

Along Enugu Airport Road, Thinkers Corner, Emene, Enugu State

Nigerian Air Force Base Enugu is a military armed forces base manged by the federal government for the operations of the air force.

Federal Secretariat Complex, Independence Layout, Enugu State

Nigerian Immigration Office sees to the immigration activities in Nigeria ranging from passport, visa, ECOWAS travel certificate, and lots of other services.

Agbani Road, Uwani, Enugu State
0809 619 6617

Nigerian Postal Services is a post office offering mail and parcel delivery, e-commerce and logistics, financial services, among others.

PPSMB Complex by NTA Road, Independence Layout, Enugu Nigeria

Post Primary Schools Management Board Enugu undertakes the supervision, management and control of all the state government owned secondary schools in Enugu State.

3 Proda Road, Engineering Lab, Emene Industrial layout, Enugu State
0803 409 2179

Standard Organization Of Nigeria, Emene, Enugu is a corporate organisation charged with the responsibility of registering and regulating standards of products, product quality investigation, product testing and lots of other functions.

Beside Speedway Gas Station, Old Enugu - Onitsha Road, , Enugu State

Trans-Ekulu Divisional Police Station has structures as well as human and material facilities to enable them in the curbing crimes and offences in the community and state through their prompt responses.

46 Zik Avenue, Uwani, Enugu State

Uwani Police Station is a divisional police station always open to the public for the security of the people and properties in Uwani and Enugu at large.

Enugu-Abakaliki Road, Abakpa, Enugu

82 Division Army Barracks is the divisional headquarter of the Nigerian army with soldiers, officers and other military personnel working towards protection of lives and properties among others.

1/2 Collery Avenue, Enugu, Eungu Nigeria
0706 541 2620

Citizens Right & Mediation Centre Enugu State, instituted as part of Enugu State Government Policy, in collaboration with the department for international development. (DFID) for providing greater access to justice and free legal services.

1 CRC Crescent, WAEC Junction, Upper Presidential Road Independence Layout, Enugu Nigeria
0814 081 8467, 0816 136 4570

Enugu State Community Resource Centre is an resources office and the arm of Enugu State overseeing the community resources in the state.

Plot 3, Constitution Road, G.R.A, Enugu, Nigeria
0809 526 1441

Enugu State water Corporation is the Enugu State Government arm for Water distribution and management.

14 Collery Avenue, GRA, Enugu State
0803 509 0207

Ministry Of Culture And Tourism is a government establishment that works towards the preservation of the Enugu State culture, as well as to promote tourism in the state.

No. 7, Ridgeway, G.R.A., Enugu State
042 257 377

National Population Commission is an agency seeing to the demographic needs of the Nigeria through provision of organised database and lots more.