Enugu Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers

Plot 4N/15 Opi Street, Federal Housing Estate, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu State Nigeria
0803 343 8281

Diyokes Consultants Limited is a made up of civil/structural, water and environmental engineers and provides services in road construction, erosion & flood control, structural & geo-technical engineering.

Suite E11 C to C Plaza Nkpokiti, off Presidential Road, Independence Layout, Enugu State Nigeria
0703 684 6834

Solidrock Design Consult Limited is a reputable civil, water, mechanical and electrical engineering services firm with areas of expertise in general contracting, building and road construction, water supply, plumbing & electricals, concept and designs.

43, Presidential Road, By Onuato Bus Stop, Asata, Enugu State Nigeria
0806 058 8323

A.A. Emmaco Civil Engineering Ltd specializes in architectural designs, building engineering, house renovation, landscaping and civil engineering, water fountain, aluminium roofing and drilling of bore holes.

5 Law School Road, Agbani, Enugu State Nigeria
0806 274 2589, 0905 650 6706

Akamha Construction Limited specializes in providing consultancy, construction and general contracts services within and outside Enugu.

24 Agbani Road, Enugu, Enugu State Nigeria
0815 576 5086

FormZconcept is an engineering firm that specializes in all civil works like building design and development, land survey, landscaping, road construction, drainage systems etc.

12, Ochumba Close, Achara Layout, Enugu State Nigeria
0803 382 9485

Kat-Crenshaw Associates Limited is a civil and building engineering contractor & expertise in the field of water supply, borehole construction, geophysical & geotechnical investigation, mineral exploration, surveying, building construction & irrigation.

18 St. Felix Avenue, Trans Ekulu, Enugu State Nigeria
0813 865 6697, 0817 638 5503

M&C Civil is based in Enugu and provides a wide range building and construction services in engineering, architectural designs, surveying and more.

Km 1, Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, Enugu State, Nigeria
0802 874 6259

Malude Construction Nigeria is an engineering outfit in Enugu that provides services in engineering contracts like building projects and other civil works like roads, bridges, etc.

Suite B11, C to C Plaza, Nkpokiti Road, By Car Wash, Independence Layout, Enugu State Nigeria
0803 318 4593

Newman Engineering Consultants is a civil engineer offers services in engineering consultancy and project management for building and construction projects.

1A Ihiala Avenue, New Haven, Enugu State Nigeria
0803 713 7044

Pecum Engineering Limited provides services in civil engineering works, construction management, aerial mapping and construction control, value engineering, constructability review etc.