Calabar, Cross River Shopping Centres

Shop 1 off Dandi plaza Abuochiche Bekwarra lg, Calabar, Cross River Nigeria
0810 312 8444, 0805 433 7794

Somiyegra Shopping Point is a shopping centre for all types of provisions, cosmetics, confectioneries and cooking utensils.

Free Zone Adiabo, Calabar, Cross River Nigeria
0805 900 1001

Tinapa Shopping Centre offers 54 quality retail outlets, four huge emporia and vast array of displays of world class brands ranging from designer labels, perfumes, electronics, fabrics, jewelry, household furniture, accessories, art and craft souvenirs.

63 Shopping Center, Calabar South, Cross River Nigeria
0803 462 8051

Bernason Shop offers sales of provisions, cosmetics and personal care products.

No 2 Marian Road, Calabar, Cross River Nigeria
0803 707 7301

Jocliff Household and Gift Shop is a one stop shopping arena for household and gift items.

No 2 Mary Slessor Avenue, Calabar, Cross River Nigeria
0809 714 0000

Lu Gold Store is a shopping centre that specialise on sales and delivery of major household appliances and electronics.

No 49 Etta-Agbor Road, Calabar, Cross River Nigeria
0806 402 5069

Sparks Shopz is a shopping destination for fashion and beauty items, snacks and body fragrances.

White House Street, Calabar, Cross Rivers Nigeria
0806 798 3630

The Bold and Beautiful Shoppers is a fashion shopping outlet that sells range of fashions wears for ladies and children, fashion accessories, wrist watches and weavons.