Abuja Federal Legislature and Agencies


Federal Secretariat Phase III Ahmadu Bello Way Central Business Area, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria
+234-09-1217, +234-09-1441

The Nigerian National Assembly body in Abuja.

The National Assembly Complex 3 Arms Zones, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria
+234-09-1217, +234-09-0505, +234-09-1441

The Nigeria’s bicameral legislature and the highest elective law-making body of the country.

14/18 Danube Street, Maitama, FCT, Nigeria
+234 (0) 9671 9152
+234 (0) 9413 7533

The National Assembly policy analysis and research project of Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Room 1.306, 3rd Floor, Annex 1National Assembly, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria
+234 803 597 6048

The Mace Online is a National Assembly online news dissemination service media in Abuja.