Mount Pleasant Estate, Jabi-Airport Road Bye-pass, Mbora District, Abuja, Nigeria
08033143867, 08033147636, 09-2902691

A construction service company in Abuja for estate development, housing delivery, engineering planning and architectural services.

1, A9 Street, Citec Mount Pleasant Estate, Mbora District, Abuja FCT
08162073001, 07052999914

Izy Air offers aircraft management services in flight administration, aircraft insurance, financial control, maintenance coordination and budget preparation and is located in Mbora District, Abuja.

17, A7 Street, Mount Pleasant, Citec Estate, Mbora District, Abuja FCT
08033176605, 08144546274

Kids Fun Fair is a non-governmental charitable organization borne out of a passion to help kids and youth develop a healthy attitude towards formal education, and to help develop a reading culture among them.

House 12, 3rd Avenue, Efab City Estate, Life Camp Junction, Mbora District, Abuja FCT
08033122539, 08097091753

Lela Blossom School offers comprehensive, innovative & functional educational services & provides adequate physical facilities and an enabling environment for effective teaching & learning for the nursey and creche sections and is located in Mbora, Abuja.

10 A, Close Road, 314 Efab, Mbora, Abuja FCT

Motocare is an automobile repair company offering services in battery replacement, battery terminal cleaning, brake services, brake inspectipn, check engine light services and spare part sales and is located in Mbora, Abuja FCT

59, 1st Avenue, Efab Estate, Mbora, Abuja FCT
08028235774, 08033056875

Pelpando Engineering & Construction Company Nigeria Limited offers services in telecoms power provision, including earthing and lightening protection, telecom base station construction, BTS and shelter installations, network and transmission planning etc.

House 18, B Close, Citec Estate, Mbora, Abuja FCT
08065387515, 08036629376

WesTower Communications is a leading telecom infrastructure sharing and collocation services provider in Nigeria located at Mbora, Abuja, FCT.