Durumi District Real Estate Firms

Real Estate

Plot 87, Christ Embassy Road, Durumi, Abuja

Chelnorobeto Resources Ltd is a real estate firm providing facility management, property valuation, etc

Suite CE4, Apo Sparklight Mall, Durumi, Abuja FCT
08096476377, 09-2911934

Divine Dominion Investment Plc specializes in property sales, lease, rent and management services.

Suite DC 9 Apo Sparklight Shopping Mall, Opposite Living Faith Church, Durumi, Abuja FCT
08068406208, 08055209752, 09-2915328

Intergrity Modest Homes Ltd provides real estate marketing of residential units, renting and leasi ng, property development and management, etc.

Plot 770 Durumi District, Off Area 1 Junction, Durumi, Garki Abuja

World Gate Group Ltd provides real estate development and mangement services.