About Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Hog Plums

Hog plums known as June plums, Yellow Mombin or Monkey Mombin are a juicy fruit of hog plum tree found in tropical countries and comes diverse ranges of colors.

There are lots of essential vitamins and nutrients present in hog plums that help fight against some free radicals that might be harmful to human health. Some of the nutritional benefits of these fruits include the following:


1. Good for Digestive Health

Hog plums are rich in dietary fiber which plays a key role in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

The fiber content helps in improving the general functions of the digestive health, and as well prevents any form of issues that could arise as a result of poor digestion and other digestive health conditions like bloating and gas.


2. Improves Haemoglobin Production

It is a good source mineral such as iron which helps in the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin which transfer oxygen throughout the body systems.

While the iron content in the fruits helps in improving the Haemoglobin which is the iron and oxygen-binding proteins located in the blood, it also helps in the improvement of the iron and oxygen-binding proteins also in the muscles which are known as Myoglobin.

Iron is a vital micronutrient that is essential to the body and functions great in the preventing of anemia and other blood conditions.


3. Contain High Amount of Vitamin C

Contain a good quantity of vitamin C which is important for overall health and body function such as maintenance and repairing of bones and teeth and healing of several ailments.

Vitamin C is one of the antioxidants which can be found in the fruits and acts naturally as an agent that inhibits harmful oxidation processes by free radicals in the body which could lead to damages of the body’s vital organs and cells.

Vitamin C also helps in improving the production of collagen which is a protein found on the skin that functions to make the skin healthy, firm and dree against wrinkles.


4. Enhances Bone Health

It is a fat-free, sodium-free, cholesterol-free fruit and a good source of vitamin K that helps in proper bone health.

The vitamin K does not only helps in blood clotting, but it also helps to improve the bones by making them strong, thereby helping in the prevention of bones health conditions like bone fractures, etc., its effects on osteoporosis has not been proven medically, though most people take it for this cause.

Research also indicates that hog plums contain copper that maintains the bone and other connective tissues in the body system and is also needed for proper assimilation of vitamin C.


5. Rich in Antioxidants

Hog plums contain good quantities of vitamins, minerals and phytochemical properties that perform oxidation functions in the body system.

Its rich content of antioxidants helps in reducing the effects of oxidation stress which is caused by free radicals in the body which could lead to damage of the body’s vital organs.


6. Promotes Muscle Strength

Thiamine is one of the vitamins which could be found in hog plum, it has a lot of functions it performs in the body with one of them being its ability to help in muscle contraction and conduction of nerve signals.

Its deficiency can lead to many symptoms such as muscle weakness which could even lead to confusion in most cases. Adequate intake of this fruit can help in eliminating the chances of this condition.


7. Serves as Diuretic and Febrifuge

The intake of hog plum fruits or its juice is medicinal and can treat so many health conditions.

It helps the body to effectively and adequately remove fluids (water) from the body through urine, which is to say that it helps in reducing the amount of salt (sodium) in the body thereby decreasing the risk of high blood pressure.

It also acts as a febrifuge, in the sense that can serve as a substitute for fever medications, as it can help in the reduction and treatment of fever/malaria which has been used locally in many tropical areas due to its properties like flavonoids, anthraquinones, sesquiterpenes, quinoline and more.


Nutritional Values of Yellow Hog Plum

Hog plum has a lot of nutritional contents which includes sodium, calcium, magnesium, and much more as can be seen below;
















Dietary Fibre





























Where is Hog Plum Grown

Hog plums are native to Central America and are commonly found in Brazil, Peru, Grenada, and places in the Carribean in a wide variety.

It is found in Western African, mainly in Nigeria where it is called Iyeye or ebo in Yoruba land, in Igbo, the fruit is called ngugulu and the Ijikara (tree), it is also called Isada in Hausa but scientifically called Spondias mombin.


Hog Plum Varieties

They mostly grow in the bush by the means of seed dispersion meaning that they are rarely cultivated by humans and the fruits are best enjoyed when ripped and color turned yellow or orange.

It comes in various color ranges depending on the climate and weather conditions, in Nigeria the color of the hog plum is orange/yellow, in other countries its color can range from green to orange, purple and red, and may have a similar appearance with mango depending on the varieties grown.


Hog Plum Juice

The juice of the fruit is said to have a cooling effect that can normalize and control high body temperature and helps in alleviating many health conditions as it provides the body with lots of nutrients and health benefits.


Is it Good to Eat Hog Plum during Pregnancy

Eating hog plum while pregnant is generally considered safe, provided it is eaten in moderate conditions. It contains lots of nutrients that every pregnant woman needs to keep healthy, and it also helps in alleviating constipation and its symptoms.

Hog Plum also helps in reducing cravings for food due to its fiber content and lots more.


Medicinal Benefits

Hog plums have many beneficial properties which include the fact that it is locally used to cure and alleviate many illnesses, in this case, the hog plum fruits and juice, leaves, bark, and even the roots serve this medicinal purpose.

The leaves serve as antiseptics as they are also used in making antiseptic soaps, treating sore throat, cough, malaria and another related sickness; the barks, the juice, and the fruit, in general, have therapeutic benefits that make them useful to traditional herbalists for alternative medicines.

Its treatment for many health conditions has been effective though not scientifically proven and has been used in many parts of Africa where it is grown for alleviating many health conditions like pain, cough, indigestion, inflammation, fever, convulsions and lots more.

In Mexico, the fruits, juice or leaves are also used in the elimination of calcium salts from the body which could result in calcification and most times, it is also used for treating wounds as it makes it heal faster, especially when in a powdered form.

The Hog plum tree is considered medicinal as it consists of many antioxidants, antimicrobial agents, anti-inflammatories and more.



There are no proven side effects of these fruits but just like any other fruits, it shouldn’t be eaten in excess so as not aggravate symptoms of an already existing health condition.



The health benefits of hog plum cannot be overemphasized, its fruits, juice, and the hog plum tree all has a significant benefit to the health and general wellbeing.

It is effective in treating many health conditions like fibroid, dizziness and several others, and contains an amount of protein and fat that the body needs in a minimal index.

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