About Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Date Fruits

Dates fruit is a good source of dietary fiber, energy as well as sugar also other nutritional contents that add value to heart health, libido and fertility improvement among other benefits.


15 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates Fruit

1.    Rich in anti-inflammatory properties 

Dates contain essential minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and magnesium which help the nervous system to function and perform effectively.

Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation related sicknesses.


2.   Lowers Cholesterols

They are subjected to overall heart health and reduction of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

These fruits are effective natural heart medicine when soaked overnight and crushed in the morning for consumption in a consecutive manner or when eaten just as a fruit regularly.

Consuming this fruit regularly helps in lowering cholesterol and oxidation stress because it has no cholesterol.


3.  Promotes a Healthy Brain

Also, it contains essential vitamin nutrients they are rich in vitamins such as folate, vitamin K, thiamin, vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 plays a key role in performing physical and psychological functions, consuming date fruits in good quantity means taking the proper index of vitamins especially B6 which contributes to brain health.

Also, the high potassium content helps in increasing the speed of the brain. Potassium also controls the blood pressure levels and the heart rate of the body, thereby preventing heart diseases.


4.   Helps in Sexual Disorders

Date fruits are known to be naturally aphrodisiac, this means that they improve sexual stamina and reduces lots of sexual disorders.

The presence of estradiol and flavonoid have been studied and proven to contribute excellently to the improvement of sexual desire, promote weight and increase in testes as well as fertility improvement.

It also helps in boosting motility and sperm count.


5.    Prevents Constipation

The soluble and insoluble fiber content in date fruits helps to clear up the gastrointestinal system, improve digestion and reduce the risk of constipation in the system.

It is an excellent fruit for those suffering from constipation.

It's rich in soluble fiber and plays a vital role in enhancing healthy bowel movements and easy passage of food in the intestinal tract. It can be more effective when it is soaked in water overnight before consuming it.


6.     Boost Energy  

They are rich in natural sugar such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose which help in boosting energy in the body system especially when there are symptoms of weakness that the insulin might be in need of sugar; they are a naturally okay and good source of sugar supply.

It is an excellent fruit that provides you with a whole lot of energy due to its richness in natural sugars.


7.    Promotes Weight Gain

It’s rich in proteins, sugar and other essential vitamins that contribute a lot to weight gain. It is an excellent food for those who are trying to add weight. It helps in increasing your weight and building muscles.

So if you are skinny and want to add to your weight, dates should be added to your daily diet because it will go a long way in adding to your weight.


8.     Promotes a Healthy Bone

Dates are a rich source of manganese, copper, magnesium, and selenium which are essential to the health of your bone, keeping your bones strong and healthy also preventing bone-related diseases like osteoporosis.

It’s rich in vitamin K which is responsible for blood coagulation and helps makes the bones strong. Consuming dates regularly can help in strengthening your bones, thereby achieving a healthy bone.


9.     Regulates Blood pressure

Dates are one of the good food that can help in maintaining blood pressure levels due to its richness in potassium and minerals that helps to lower blood pressure levels.

Fiber which is contained in dates also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and balances the effect of sodium in your diet, thereby reducing blood pressure.

The presence of magnesium in the fruit aids in relaxing the muscles in your heart and blood vessels that helps in reducing blood pressure levels. Regular consumption of this fruit will help in maintaining good blood pressure levels.


10.  Helps in Preventing Night Blindness 

Dates are rich in vitamin A that helps greatly in combating this condition of night blindness because deficiency of vitamin A is the primary cause of night blindness.

Daily intake of dates aids in keeping your eyes healthy and also prevents night blindness diseases. The leaves of dates can be applied on and around the eyes or can also be taken orally to reduce night blindness.


11.    Improves Skin

Dates are rich sources of vitamin C and D that contribute to skin elasticity and keeps the skin very smooth.

The fruits can also help in preventing skin problems like stretch marks due to it's richness in vitamin B5.

Dates are also a rich source of antioxidants that fight against the harmful effect of free radicals in the body, thereby preventing premature skin aging.

Vitamin C contained in it aids in reducing the occurrence of wrinkles by combating oxidation and also preventing the buildup of melanin in the body.

Therefore consuming dates regularly contributes a lot in achieving that flawless healthy skin you have always wanted.


12.    Treats Anemia

Anemia is caused usually by a low quantity of red blood cells in the blood which is a result of iron deficiency. Dates are a rich source of iron that makes it an excellent food for the treatment of anemia. 

Consuming dates regularly can greatly increase the amount of iron in the blood. The high level of iron in dates makes it a perfect dietary supplement for anemia patients. It helps in balancing the inherent shortage of iron on people suffering from anemia and boost strength and energy while reducing feelings of unenergetic and weakness.


13.    Treats Diarrhea

Diarrhea is noticed when one starts passing out like 4 or more watery stools in a day and this is caused by several factors or can be contagious.

Ripe dates are very effective in treating diarrhea because of its high content of potassium that helps in managing bowel movement.

Dates are easy to digest and aids in controlling chronic diarrhea. The presence of soluble fiber in dates also adds bulk bowel movements, thereby improving the healthy functioning of the excretory system.


14.  Promotes Healthy Pregnancy

Dates provide numerous benefits to pregnant women. It helps in preventing anemia due to its richness in iron. Dates also provide more calories to pregnant women because it contains high calories.

It also helps in improving the muscles of the uterus, allowing it to expand in a smooth manner. Dates also contribute to healthy breast milk by providing adequate nutrition to it.

It helps in preventing hemorrhage after birth. It is an excellent food to be consumed during pregnancy, as it offers several benefits that lead to a healthy pregnancy.


15.   Promotes a Healthy Hair

Dates are rich in vitamins, most especially vitamin B5 that play a vital role in promoting healthy hair. Deficiency of vitamin B5 can result in brittle hair, hair loss and split ends.

Therefore consuming dates regularly helps greatly in providing you with the essential vitamin for hair growth and health. Therefore the intake of dates is one of the natural ways of achieving healthy hair.


Nutritional Values of Dates  





277 Kcal


74.97 g


1.81 g

Total fat

0.15 g


0 mg

Dietary Fiber

6.7 g


15 µg


1.610 mg

Pantothenic acid

0.805 mg


0.249 mg


0.060 mg


0.050 mg

Vitamin A

149 IU

Vitamin C

0 mg

Vitamin K

2.7 µg


1 mg


696 mg


64 mg


0.362 mg


0.90 mg


54 mg


0.296 mg


62 mg


0.44 mg


89 µg


0 µg


23 µg


How many dates can be consumed a day?

Dates provide numerous health benefits but it is necessary you eat it moderately.

Eating too many dates can result in weight gain due to its high in sugar and calories. So if you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid eating too many dates.

About 3 or 5 dates can be eaten in a day.


How to eat Dates

Dates are sweet and it can be used for varieties of dishes. Dates can be eaten fried and dried.

They are simple to prepare and can be used in smoothies, salads, desserts, oatmeal and other kinds of dishes. Dates are sweet naturally and can be used as a substitute for refined sugar.

It can be prepared by removing the pit firstly; you can eat it along with cashews, almonds, and pecans for a unique snack. You can also mix dates with your breakfast cereals. It can also be served along with frozen vanilla yogurt. It can also be eaten with chicken salad and other vegetables.

Dry dates can be soaked in hot water for like 10 minutes or can be soaked overnight to rehydrate them before eating. Soaking it softens the dates and allows them to release sweet flavor. 


Benefits of Dates with Milk

Eating dates with milk is so beneficial to our health. Dates contain a high amount of iron while milk is low in iron, so consuming dates with milk is a healthy nutritional supplement. It is suitable for all ages. It helps in the prevention of diseases.

Dates contain monoclonal sugars that do not require digestion, they are easily absorbed by blood and transferred to the brain and muscles, thereby reducing the levels of cholesterol due to the content of pectin.

Eating dates with milk also boost energy and body activity such as liver, blood vessels, colon, and nervous system by supplying nutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin A, D and C.

Dates with milk help in the health of the bone by strengthening the bones, protects its fragility, aids in healthy growth and contributes to cell's growth in the body.

Consuming dates with milk contains natural antioxidants and high content of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, thereby preventing the chances of cancer.

It also improves the level of vision and maintains the moisture in the eye, thereby reducing some eye-related issues. It also reduces stress.

Consuming dates with milk provides you with lots of health benefits that can be gotten when eaten without milk too.


Fresh Dates and Dried Dates

Fresh dates are soft and dried dates are harder. Dry dates contain less moisture than fresh dates. Dried dates can be fresh as well.

Dried dates have double content of carbohydrates than fresh dates and it better source of fiber.

It contains also higher levels of iron and iron while fresh dates contain more vitamins C.

Both dried dates and fresh dates contain nutrients that are beneficial to our health. So you can consume dates any way you want it.


Origin of Dates

Date fruits are sweet edible fruits that are very common in arid regions of the world notably in North Africa and some Middle Eastern countries.

It can also be found in Sudan and most parts of Nigeria majorly in the Northern part specifically in Jigawa State.

It is called Balha (Arabic) in North Africa, Dabino in Hausa; Ojo in Yoruba and scientifically called Phoenix dactylifera.



Date trees are similar to palm trees and the fruits take quite a long time like 4 to 7 years to mature and produce fruits.

They are harvested when ripened and soft, they can also be harvested when hard and be stored to ripen and soften.

In the case of storing to ripe, it is better to dry the fruit to a certain level so that they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 months without any rotten effects.



These fruits are extremely nutritious and advantageous to human health; essential nutrients and fiber content in good quantity.

Dates are one of the sweetest seed fruits that are not attributed to any adverse reaction but when eaten in excess they contribute to weight gain due to high fiber and sugar content.

Add dates to your daily diet and nourish your health and beauty.

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