About Health Benefits of Pineapple Fruit

Health Benefits and Nutritional value of Pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit found in West Africa that has exceptional juicy taste and dessert flavour consisting of coalesced berries and also bromelain enzyme that can break protein. It contains antioxidant elements, enzymes and important vitamins with fewer calories; some of the nutritional benefits of this fruit are:


1.It contains the amount of vitamin C that the body requires which helps in supporting the immune systems in the body.


2.Other nutritional contents in pineapple are potassium, carbohydrate, dietary fibre, sugar, protein, vitamin C, calcium and iron which can be gotten completely by eating fresh natural pineapple.


3.The manganese content and the trace of minerals contained in pineapple help in developing muscular bones and connective tissues.


4.Consumption of pineapple helps to reduce muscular degeneration and eye problems mainly in aged people.


5.Pineapple contains dietary fibre as mentioned earlier which helps to keep the intestine healthy.


6.Alpha hydroxy acids are also present in pineapple and it helps to exfoliate dead skin. Both pineapple root and the fruit contain the enzyme bromelain, which can break down the connecting layers between skin cells to effectively exfoliate skin.


7.The intake of pineapple juice can help to reduce nausea that is caused by several conditions.


8.The presence of potassium in pineapple together with copper will create a certain enzyme that contributes to the circulation of red blood cells which ensures optimal oxygenation in various parts of the body.


9.Eating of pineapple fruit will also help in blood clot reduction due to the amount of bromelain enzyme presence in it that removes plaques found in the arteries.


10.Generally, pineapple is quite necessary to be incorporated into diets because it aids in digestion and reduces constipation.


Pineapple fruit is the only edible fruit of its kind with the positive health contributions listed above, it contains lots of vitamins which are good for the skin and the overall well being and is well enjoyed when ripe than when consumed unripe.

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