About Grapefruit Fruit and Its Health Benefits

Grapefruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients such as polyphenols, the fibre that offer various health benefits to the body such as heart health management, weight loss program, and others.

This fruit provides wonderful benefits to the body when consumed in several ways such as eating the fruit, drinking the juice or using the seeds as medicine.


1.  Controls Blood Pressure

Grape juice helps to bring down high blood pressure, in other words, called hypertension because of the presence of polyphenol in it.

When hypertension is not put under control, it can cause heart diseases such as heart failure. Therefore, taking just a glass of grape juice once daily can help to prevent heart failure caused by high blood pressure.

Grapefruit also has a combination of powerful nutrients such as fibre, potassium, lycopene, vitamin C, and choline that work together to keep the heart healthy.


2.  Improves Immune System Health

Grapefruits contain essential minerals and vitamin that are beneficial to the immune system.

They also have some phytochemicals and micronutrients which the immune system relies on for its several protectives, singling and potential functions.


3.  Treats Malaria & Feverish Conditions

The juice of grapefruits contains naturally occurring quinine that helps in treating malaria and related feverish conditions.

Grape juice is a natural remedy for malaria and can flush off fever within a few days and supply the body system with certain vitamins and minerals that thwarts malaria.

All you need to do is to drink the juice of this fruit every two hours during the day to flush out all the toxins and malaria-causing parasites in the body.


4.  Good For the Insulin

It has a moderated glycaemic index such that it doesn’t have any negative effect on the insulin or blood sugar level.

Grapefruit contains properties which help in preventing insulin resistance and lowering high blood pressure caused by an increase in the blood sugar level.

A scientific experiment was carried out to compare metformin, which is a medication for treating type-2 diabetes and grapefruit juice and grape juice was found just as effective as the drug.

The above experiment proved that grapefruit is used to treat type-2 diabetes and prevent spiking of blood sugar that leads to such condition.


5.  Stops Cancer Formation in the Body

The presence of essential vitamins such as vitamin C and lycopene help to suppress the formation of cancer radicals in the body.

Another important property in grapefruit is naringenin, which is an antioxidant that has bioactive benefits on human health such as fighting free radicals in the body and destroying cancer cells.


6.  Hydrates The Body

It is a good hydrating fruit because of the quantity of water content that works to replenish the body fluid.

One grapefruit is said to have 91% of water content in it which can help to prevent dehydration because the body depends on water to survive.

Due to the presence of fibre and enough water in grapefruits, it is good for the digestive tract and prevents constipation.

Grapefruit contains lots of water for body hydration which is very essential to overall human health because it helps all the tissues, organs and cells of the body to function properly.


7.  Good For Weight Loss

Grapefruit is a very good weight loss diet that should be incorporated into daily meals.

Research shows that grapefruit help in weight loss due to the presence of dietary fibre, high water content and low calories.

According to the research made so far, taking the fruit before a meal has proven its effectiveness in weight reduction. (Proven by a nutrition Doctor: Dr. Kellyann Petrucci)

Taking just half of grapefruit or glass of its juice before daily meals help a lot in weight reduction as its water and fibre content can balance the number of calories in the body and potentially lead to weight loss.


8.  Helps to Quicken Wound Healing

Grapefruit contains a good amount of vitamin C which is the major component of wound healing that helps in new blood vessel formation on wound areas.

One full grapefruit contains 72 milligrams of vitamin C which is equivalent to 120 per cent daily value required for the human body.

Therefore, the daily intake of grapefruit supplies the body with the amount of this vitamin contributes to forming healthy scar tissues caused by surgical operations and other injuries.


9.  Good for The Skin

Active ingredients, such as antioxidants in grapefruit works marvellously on the skin by fighting skin colourations and wrinkles.

Vitamins and other important nutrients in grape make it very good for facial exfoliation which helps to remove dead skin cells, improves collagen production and generally promote healthy skin.

Additionally, the amount of water content in this fruit helps to keep the skin hydrated just as it does to the internal body system.


10.    Promotes good vision

Anti-oxidant properties such as vitamin C and others that promote good vision are contained in grapefruit.

They are naringin and naringenin sourced from beta-carotene, xanthin, lycopene and lutein which are properties of vitamin A and flavonoid antioxidants that improves eye health.


11.    Prevents Constipation

Fibre is one of the major nutrients that aid to better digestion of food in the intestine and maintain a healthy digestive tract; grapefruit contains a good quantity of it.

The type is fibre in grape is a soluble dietary fibre which works with the amount of water contained in it to promote quick digestion, enhance bowel movement and prevent the risk of constipation.


12.    Flushes Kidney Stones

Taking a glass of grapefruit juice daily helps in balancing the pH value of human urine which enhances the extraction of citric acid and lowers risk of kidney stones.

Renal and Urology News advice that it should be taken with a grain of salt in other to prevent other causes of kidney stone formation.

When the pH balance of the body turns low, the body becomes more acidic and causes harmful effects on the kidney.


13.     Good For Pregnancy

Grapefruit contains biotin as a naturally occurring prenatal vitamin that helps to improve the health of the baby inside the womb.

Biotic and folic acid are the major pregnancy peels and nutritional supplements that are mainly recommended for pregnant women.


14.   Helps in Amino Acids Breakdown

It has some medically related contents such as parabens and spermidine which is associated with ageing and diseases.


Nutritional Contents & Charts for Grapefruit










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Dietery Fibre








Pantothenic Acid








Vitamin A


Vitamin C


Vitamin E


Vitamin K





















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Crypto-Xathin β





Despite the colour or species, all grapefruits contain essential nutrients such as vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, potassium, phosphorus, dietary fibre and others listed down below with their amounts per 100 grams.


Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus fruit botanically known as Citrus paradise, sweet and somewhat bitter in taste. It has a species called the white grapefruit, with lots of juicy flesh and skinny outer covering.

Grapefruit is a nice fruit containing a beneficial antioxidant, soluble dietary fibre called pectin that is essential to health, low in calories but high in nutrients.


It may vary in colour and size but the taste and quality remain the same always; as discussed at the beginning that it has a sweet-sour taste and should not be taken while on medications because it could be risky.


This specie is used in beverages, desserts, and culinary purposes because it is found sweeter than others types. Other types are ruby red and pink.

Grapefruit Juice is a vitamin C-rich juice that is extracted from grapefruit. It has light sweet and sour taste but contributes greatly to weight loss.


The juice varies in colour such as ruby red grapefruit juice, white grapefruit, pink grapefruit juice depending on the variation of grape they are sourced from.


Why grapefruit maybe bad for you?

Though grapefruit provides several health benefits to the body, it might be bad while taken together with medical treatments specifically drugs.

It can increase the blood level of the medicine to a level that can cause harm to health and stop the chemical processes which are necessary for breaking down of the drugs in the body.


Is It Okay to Eat Grapefruit Every Day?

Grapefruit is a healthy fruit that can be eaten every day because of its numerous benefits to the body. Eating the fruit is as good as eating the pith of it as they are all nutritious.


Grapefruit Tree

Grapefruit tree is a citrus tree belonging to the family of Rutaceae. It originated in Jamaica and today are grown in most parts of the world including Nigeria. The tree bears the edible fruit called grapefruit with a variety of health benefits.

It is better to eat grapefruit before a meal because it helps to curb one's appetite so that you don’t overeat and then supply other varieties of health benefits.


Side Effects of Grapefruit

As grapefruit have potent health benefits, there are also certain side effects attached to it. It is not as if eating grapefruit is as bad as the good effects but just warning on how not to misuse it to avoid the negative effects.

Vitamin C which is a vital nutrient in grapefruit can be so toxic while the intake amount exceeds the recommended daily value.

Again, grapefruit can naturally inhibit the ability of the enzymes to absorb medicine, so be mindful not to take it together with medications. And conclusively, do not take an excess of it per day.



Grapefruit is very healthy for skin health and can prevent many illnesses that can affect the body. Other health benefits of this fruit cannot be overemphasized, therefore incorporate it in your diet and enjoy all the benefits that it offers.

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