How to Identify a Bad Real Estate Property Before You Buy

Purchasing a property with many damages will definitely make you spend extra cost on the building in order to repair it to your test, it is better to identify any damaged part of the property before making any payment because it will make you know if it is what you can actually take care of.

•    The roof of a building is one of the major component of a building, which it main function it to shade the building from the natural agents such as rain and sunshine etc. but when the roof is damaged such as drips water, it will become a problem to the property so it is better to inspect the roof to know its current state before making any payment.

•    Beams are used to support the buildings and also it helps the building to resist loads, but when the beam starts to bend, it means that the load or force on the building is more than the beam and eventually if the beam falls the building will definitely be in danger because it may collapse, if it is not redeveloped.

•    Electric wires in the building is one of the house appliances that you don’t  joke with, because as little as it is, it can even burn down the whole property when they are faulty or if it is not properly connected, so it is very important to check the wires to know if they are faulty or not.

•    Faulty plumbing of the home can cause much dampness in many parts of the building which will deteriorate the building, is better to go for a property that has a nice plumber arrangement including the valves in order to make its management and maintenance easier.

•    There are many building installations in a particular property and their effects depend on how good they are installed, bad installation in the building is as good as they are not installed because the whole component will not function effectively, for example, if the lift in the building is not properly installed it will continue to break down.

•    The building basement is within the foundation of the building and it is important to use dampness resist material for the foundation especially the one made of waterproof but if the basement is affected by water and other agents, it means that the build is in bad condition because it can collapse at any time.

•    All the building installation such airconditioner system, both the central heating and the water heating etc. should be properly inspected to know if they are in a good state of repair, most times it is the work of the property manager to make sure they are in order before placing the property for sale.

In finding a house, please do not be quick to make payments, try as much as possible to check and re-check and make sure that the house didn’t fall short of your expectations before paying so that you won't regret it later.

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