Health Benefits of Yam Flour

Yam flour is derived from yam and contains essential nutrients that are beneficial to man. Locally, it is known as “Elubo”, the yam flour and "Amala" which is the popular dish made from the flour and is loved by many who eat it irrespective of the type of soup used.

Yam flour is better in many areas when compared with its counterparts and is recommended by some medical experts to serve as a substitute due to its rich health benefits.


The Incredible health benefits of Yam flour are as follows;


1. Good for Weight Loss

Yam Flour is an effective weight loss aid. It has a high fiber content that helps to flush out waste from the body.

And even the pepper which is used to prepare most of the local soups for the dish contains a chemical compound called capsaicin that prevents immature fat cells from developing and so promotes weight loss.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Diseases

The presence of dietary fibre in yam flour helps to reduce low-density lipoproteins which is one of the carriers of cholesterol.

Thereby preventing or reducing the risks of getting any related health conditions which can be caused by high cholesterol in the body.


3. Helps to Manage Diabetes

Yam flour is a good meal for diabetic patients due to its low glycemic index, thus won’t cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels of diabetes patients.

This is so due to its ability to digest and absorb the carbohydrates in the yam flour slowly which helps to doesn't cause a spike in the blood sugar/insulin levels.


4. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Yam flour also contains dietary fibre which reduces the risk of colon cancer by preventing hazardous compounds in the food from affecting the colon mucosa.

It is highly rich in antioxidants that help to fight free radicals in the body. It reduces the risk of cancer and inflammation and prevents cell damage.


5. Boosts Immunity Naturally

Yam flour contains various vitamins and antioxidants that reduce the rate of oxidative stress in the body, thus making the immune system stronger and better.

It improves your immunity and fights against infections easily.


6. Improves Eye Health

Daily intake of Yam flour improves eyesight and helps in curing itchy, watery and sore eyes.

The flour gotten from yam is very healthy because it contains lesser calories and more protein per 100g. 


7. Stimulates the Digestive System

Yam flour has high fibre and water content and contains anti-inflammatory properties which aid in digestion, thereby preventing constipation.  

Studies show that fibre is very essential for healthy bowel movement and secretion of gastric and digestive juices. However, Yam flour is significantly required for a good digestive process.


8. Rich Source of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a good source of nutrients that helps the body to reduce the risk of developing heart diseases and also helps the body to break down a substance called homocysteine, which contributes to arterial and blood clots in the blood vessel wall.


9. Prevents Anti-Aging

Yam flour contains antioxidant properties that are very effective in reducing cell damage.

It fights against free radicals which causes protein, DNA and cell membrane damage, thus slows down aging process.

Foods rich in such antioxidants are considered the first and foremost kind of food for anti-aging as it slows down the aging process and promotes beautiful skin.


10. Fight against Heart Disease

Yam flour helps to fight against heart disease by reducing the buildup of High cholesterol in the body. It boosts good cholesterol level or HDL and prevents the thickening of blood vessel walls which is the first sign of heart disease.


11. Promotes Balance in the body

Stress can weaken the immune system, thereby reducing brain function causing an imbalance in the body. Yam flour promotes balance in the body by relieving the body from those accumulated stress.


12. Good for Menopausal Women

The lack of vitamin B6 and hormonal imbalance after menopause could lead to depression. Yam flour contains some enzymes that help to modify and balance some hormones that no longer function in the body of menopausal women.


13. Prevents Gallbladder Stones

Regular consumption of Yam flour reduces the chances of developing gallstones and the build-up of cholesterol.  Studies show that extra cholesterol is the main cause of gallbladder stones.

The presence of vitamin C in yam flour converts cholesterol into bile in the liver and keeps the gallbladder functioning well and in good health condition.


14. Source of Carbohydrate

Yam contains a high amount of carbohydrate which provides the body with energy and helps in the regulation of blood glucose.

These carbohydrates also help to break down fatty acids and prevention of ketosis.


15. Rich Source of Vitamins

Yam flour contains cutting edge vitamin contents that has a lot of benefit to human health.

The presence of vitamin A makes it a powerful antioxidant in improving eye vision, brain function and reduces inflammation as well.

Vitamin B-complex provides the body with the essential nutrients required for bodybuilding and as well makes the body to be in a healthy state.

The content of vitamin C provides the body with the basic components required to fight against some common diseases. It also helps to nourish the skin and enhance hair texture due to the content of collagen.


16. Provides Essential Minerals

Consumption of yam flour provides the body with essential minerals such as iron which regulates blood formation and prevents clotting in the body.

Potassium helps to maintain normal blood pressure and other minerals which are very essential to the body. 


Nutritional Values of Yam Flour

The essential nutrients and mineral content of yam flour are calcium, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and dietary fibre.






Total Fat



Fat 0g







Polyunsaturated Fat

Fat 1g

Dietary Fiber



0 mg


Fat 0 g


816 mg

Total Carbohydrate

28 g


What is Yam Flour?

Yam flour is a white powdered starch derived from yam peels or yam itself. It is commonly used in African dishes, mostly known in the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria such as Amala.

It is prepared by grinding dried yams until they turn to powder form, and is usually prepared using the Eba or semolina method.

The color is sometimes deep or light brown if ground with the yam peels, and white if only the edible part is used and afterward made into bolus or swallow. This food is best consumed with ewedu soup, okra soup, ogbono and Eforiro soup.



Yam flour is rich in iron and carbohydrate with less cholesterol. It reduces low-density lipoproteins due to its high water content than most of the other swallow foods.

Its health benefits are numerous as it is good for weight loss, improves cardiovascular diseases, helps to manage diabetes, reduces the risk of cancer, boosts immunity naturally, improves eye health, stimulates the digestive system.

Also, a rich source of vitamin B6, prevents anti-ageing, fight against heart disease, promotes balance in the body, good for menopausal women, prevention of gallbladder stone, a rich source of carbohydrate, a rich source of vitamin,  and provides the body with the essential minerals.

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