Cocoa Facts and Nutritional Contents

The health benefits of cocoa range from rich to moderate, and traces of some vitamins and mineral contents which have astonishing effects on the human body.

This, in no particular order, includes phosphorous, manganese, zinc, selenium, iron, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol (traces), magnesium, potassium, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin c, thiamine, dietary fibre and copper, all of which are important in health and body function.


The 12 Benefits are as follows:

1. Reduces Inflammation

The intake of cocoa powder boost the body's white blood cells and substances they produce so as to protect the body from infections caused by micro-organisms, such as bacteria and viruses.

It helps the body to respond to injury and chronic diseases as well as repairing damaged tissue.


2. Body Detoxification

Cocoa Powder contains a low calorie and high fibre content that can help to increase the body’s fat metabolism, improve insulin resistance in the body and more that leads to weight loss.


3. Protection From Tooth Decay

Research has proven cocoa powder as one of the best for preventing the teeth from decay as well as dental cavities and gum disease as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-enzymatic that improves its oral health benefits.

It also contains a compound named CBH which is a white crystalline powder similar to caffeine that hardens the tooth enamel thereby preventing users from tooth decay predicament.


4. Immune System Improvement

High consumption of cocoa powder limits the body immune system to certain health diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, lung problems and more.

Cocoa powder has rich natural antioxidants known as flavonoids that helps to prevent some cells in the body from getting damaged due to too much oxidation processes that take place, thereby helping in improving the health condition of the user such as limiting the chances of getting certain diseases like heart diseases and more.

This entails that constant consumption of small amounts of cocoa powder has a protective benefit for your heart as well.


5. It Increases Blood Flow And Brain Function

Cocoa powder is highly rich in polyphenols which contains much health benefit as it reduces neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s as to improve blood flow and brain function in the body.

These polyphenols are highly rich in antioxidants which help to make your brain work faster and improves your blood vessels.


6. Mood Enhancement

Cocoa powder is rich in Phenethylamine which is an amino acid that helps to enlighten one’s mood when feeling depressed as well as relieving mental fatigue.

Frequent drinking of cocoa powder intricate calmness to your mood and serves as an anti-depressant that increases the hormone of Joy especially when depressed.


7. Protects The Skin

Frequent intake of cocoa powder helps to rejuvenate the skin texture and protects the skin from the sun, skin blood circulation and skin hydration leaving the skin refreshing all day long.

Cocoa powder helps to improve the skin complexion and protects the skin from harmful effects of UV due to the presence of flavonoids contained inside it.

It contains vitamin C and magnesium which keeps the skin healthy and omega 6 fatty acid which helps wounds and scars to heal quickly.


8. Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is the commonest form of diabetes and one of the most common chronic diseases and has been proven scientifically that daily drinking of flavanols from cocoa powder helps a bit in reducing the risks of diabetes and other sugar-related diseases as well as improving them.

High intake of cocoa powder improves the insulin sensitivity and reduces inflammation from diabetic and non-diabetic individuals.


9. A Relief For Asthmatic Patients

Asthma is a respiratory disorder affecting the airways that cause difficulty in breathing that may range from mild to life-threatening if not managed well.

A research carried out shows that cocoa powder contains anti-asthmatic compounds called theobromine and theophylline which helps in the treatment of chronic cough, keep the airways free and improve lungs function.


10. Improves Hair Texture

Cocoa contains an anti-inflammatory substance which prevents scalp infections thereby increasing blood circulation in the scalp and reduces hair breakage.

It serves as a nutrient to the hair and helps in strengthening and softening of the hair to give the required/normal texture.


11. Decreases Blood Pressure

Extensive research by scientists has been proven that cocoa powder reduces blood pressure due to the high concentration of flavanols it contains.

A sample carried out shows that those who consume a high amount of flavanols have a great impact on blood pressure reduction as well as reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure than those who consume little to no flavanols.


12. Reduces Constipation

Several studies showed that cocoa powder is rich in fibre which helps to stimulate the colon and keep it healthy.

Regular consumption of cocoa powder helps to helps in bowel movement as well as softer stools.


Beneficial components of Cocoa powder includes vegetable proteins, alimentary fibre, carbohydrates, fats, organic compounds, aromatic components, minerals, tanning and colouring compounds, caffeine and theobromine which also has a strong benefit to the human body.


Tabulated below are some of the nutritional values of cocoa powder:












B6 5%






Cocoa powder has a lot of health benefits such that reduces inflammation, body detoxification, protection from tooth decay, immune system improvement, blood flow and brain function improvement, mood enhancement, skin protection and skin damage prevention, Type 2 diabetes reduction, relieves Asthma, hair texture improvement, decreases blood pressure and reduces constipation.

Many people drink cocoa powder just for the taste without knowing the awesome benefits it adds to the health that’s why this article has provided vital information on cocoa health benefits.

You should also know that taking cocoa powder or its derivates is mainly considered safe but due to its caffeine content, sugar and fat might cause some health issues if taken too long by the user which might include frequent urination, lack of sleep (insomnia), nervousness and more, and can in some cases cause allergies as well.

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