Ways to Handle Pains Caused by Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids will continue to increase in severe pains or flare-ups, itching coupled with the associated discomfort if they are not handled properly. Use these tips provided below to tackle the pains caused by haemorrhoids which can become unbearable when it deteriorates.

•    You have to make changes in your diet to suit the condition and stay healthy. Having known that the type of food you eat is associated with a flare-up of haemorrhoid. Ensure that you don’t eat fried foods, red meats, refined carbs, alcohol and others to avoid worsening the inflammation. Your diets should be more of fruits, vegetables and diets that help haemorrhoid by keeping the bowel movement normal.

•    Ensure to keep your body hydrated with lots of liquid substance to set yourself free from this condition. Water and other healthy liquids help to control the bowel movement and prevent constipation which leads to haemorrhoids. More than half percent of what you consume daily should be liquid so that you will not find it difficult to pass out excreta.

•    When constipation occurs, the bowel movement changes and causes difficult situation while trying to pass stool. In this case, Do Not try to force the bowel movement instead search for stomach softeners to lessen the stiffness and make excretion easy.

•    Daily exercise can also help to keep the body system normal. Exercise is basically known to have a positive effect on the overall health of human, therefore, regular physical exercise regimen helps to promote the bowel movement which prevents haemorrhoid and contribute to tackling the situation.

•    Fibre supplements consumed on a daily basis will save you from the risk of developing haemorrhoid. Fibre aids in proper digestion and prevents constipation. Constipation which is the major cause of haemorrhoid can be prevented using fibre supplements thereby staying free from the health condition or ease the pains if you already have it.

•    Sit bath is a good control measure that deals with the itching and swelling associated with this sickness. How do you go about this sit bath? Half-fill a bucket with lukewarm water, add a little quantity of salt then sit on the bucket containing the warm water for up to 15 minutes. Repeat this daily and stay free with the itching while the swollen veins get reduced in size and when the process is done continually, it disappears.

•    Witch hazel or topical cream are medical ways of dealing with this inflamed veins and the pains. Use witch hazel cream on the anal area, this cream can be applied as directed by your healthcare provider or a physician to terminate the inflammation and pains.

Having known that prevention is better than cure, follow the information given above will serve as the best option to prevent and relieve the severe pains. It doesn’t really require that you go the hospital for diagnosis, just use the tips to keep haemorrhoid in check.

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