Sure Fitness Tips that fits to Daily and Routine Workout

Fitness is an important condition that helps one stay in good health both mentally and physically which is mainly obtained through physical exercises and other routine workouts.

It is the dream of everyone to keep fit and stay healthy, but without knowing the right exercise to engage in may not lead to the desired results.


Here, are daily exercise tips for anyone looking for a way to get fit and stay healthy.

1. Use the Stairs

Climbing the stair is only an option if the elevator is faulty or in a case where there is no elevator.

But that is not the correct definition, it has an important effect on energy conservation and overall health as discovered from studies.

This is a good workout exercise that you don't need to pay for instead you gain from the associated health effects.


2. Bike Always

Biking is an aerobic activity that strengthens the heart, blood vessel and lung as well as improving the way in which the body utilizes oxygen.

Therefore, know that it is important to travel short distances using a bike instead of a car because it helps in keeping the cardiovascular system fit, improves flexibility and strength of the muscle.


3. Make Walking a Routine

Walking is one of the important and simple workout routines that helps the muscle group and burn off fats from the blood.

A little walk around the neighbourhood once in a while helps to improve the energy and metabolism and at the same time strengthens the bone and joints. Even a 30minute walk that you do for fun is a warm-up and fitness exercise.

It is important to know the miles you have walked in a day, therefore, use a pedometer to track how many steps you're taking in a day.

This will help you to know the steps you made and the number of calories you have burn though the result may not be perfectly accurate.

Pedometer, in other words, called step-counter is a motivational device used for improving workout activities and fitness program.


4. Cut Down on Calories

Watch out calories intake on daily basis. It doesn’t imply an accurate measurement of calories but making sure that your diets are not majorly the ones rich in calories.

High caloric diets are foods that are high in sugar and fats which contribute greatly to weight gain and exposes one to the risk of obesity, heart diseases and others.

Do not go diet crazy by pushing any food you see right inside the mouth. Calories contradict fitness therefore when trying to keep fit always try to avoid diets that have the content.

It is best recommended to eat the right portion of your daily meal which consists of a balanced diet, as the minerals and other vital nutrients will help also in keeping the muscles fit.


5. Have Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the natural remedies which have been put in place for everyone and was designed for every living thing as there is a need to rest and relax the body, mind and soul.

Sleep, may not necessarily be a form of exercise but it is a sure fitness plan as it helps in keeping the body fit by providing it with the opportunity to recover from its daily stress, build and repair worn out muscles and also help to conserve energy.

Therefore, get an adequate sleep for at least 6-8 hours every day, but for those who exercise always,  it is recommended you sleep more in order to allow your worn out muscles to repair itself.


6. Engage in Push-Up

Push-Up (press up) is a type of callisthenics exercise among the category of walking, sitting, standing, pushing etc., which are almost some of the things we do every day without knowing that we are exercising.

This type of workout is good for both men and women as it helps to strengthen the muscles in the body, mainly that of the shoulders, chests, arms and the rest, it does not necessarily need you to go to the gym house as you can conveniently do it at home even at the little corner of your room.


7. Do Squat

Squat is one of the fitness exercises you should engage in everyday, it is a type of exercise that involves the whole body and helps to strengthen the muscles of the body primarily that of the stomach, back, thigh, buttocks, hips etc.

Squat comes with a lot of health benefits as it doesn’t only help in building the body’s muscle mass but also helps to burn down more of the calories that we have accumulated.

Squat exercises may be difficult for beginners, as you need to train your muscles regularly for total endurance and it is advised that before engaging in this form of exercise, you should first do other forms of exercises such as jumping or running in order to make your muscles flexible and warm you up at the same time.


8. Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps us to keep fit and it will not be surprising to say that our body totally depends on it for a better health as it is one of the vital nutrients our body cannot do without.

Drinking water is not an exercise itself but is believed to be the most essential of all nutrients when it comes to sports nutrition, and it helps in keeping one away from dehydration as it helps in the vital processes and functions in the human body.

Taking enough water daily will greatly improve our health as it helps in the prevention of some diseases, so also adequate intake of water before, during and after exercises helps also to keep the body in a healthy state by lubricating the joints and normalizing the body’s temperature.

Being hydrated helps in preventing dizziness, cramps and other conditions which might arise during the course of your fitness plan.

So, it is necessary to say that trying to stay fit with any of these daily workouts without drinking enough water will make your body not to perform to its expected level

9.  Love What you do

Doing what you love will make you stay motivated and above all strengthen your mindset towards achieving your fitness plan, as you will feel happy doing it rather than seeing it as in hard task or some home chores you dislike.

Most times, we might engage ourselves in an exercise we do not want, and due to our lack of interest and preference over another, we may not achieve our desired purpose.

So, engage yourself in what you want and like doing as that is the only way you can enjoy your workout and be motivated to stay fit.


10. Other Simple Exercises

There are other numerous simple exercises which can help you stay fit daily and luckily you do not necessarily need to go to the gym for that, such includes dancing, jumping and stretching.

Dancing has a great impact on your physical and emotional health and keeps you fit by increasing the bone strength, improve aerobic fitness, muscles strength and contribute to weight management.


Jumping helps to keep the heart moving up and down thereby warming up the blood.

Stretching is what most people do every day when they wake up from sleep, it is important as it keeps the muscle strong, healthy and flexible.


How do I start to exercise every day?

As a beginner, it might be difficult initially as your body may not have been conversant with the exercise or daily workout plan, but with your determination, you set things right and make exercise a part of your daily plan.

You can start by

  • What exercise is more convenience for you every day
  • Map out a time for it, especially when you are likely to be free.
  • Start with the non-strenuous ones first and advance later to others.


Should I Focus on a Particular Exercise?

In this case, every kind of exercise is special in its own way, it is not advised to focus on a particular exercise as it will make you miss out what other fitness plans have in stock for you.

So in as much as you may like doing squats every day, try to add other kinds of exercises as it will help in building up the muscles of your body that the squats don’t focus on, and will also make you not be bored as you have different workout routines to enjoy.


In Summary, the above listed simple fitness plan is what you can easily practice on a daily basis without paying anything. While still counting on how to get the financial backups needed to get yourself a basic fitness plan, you can start with these free ones by making it a part of your everyday life activities.

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