Tips Before Starting a Real Estate Agents Office in Nigeria

Steps to Take Before Starting a Real Estate Agents Office in Nigeria

For businesses to expand in Nigeria, it requires the services of more than one person. This is ideal as the chains of activities in a real estate business cycle cannot be performed by a single person. 

You may have enough capital for your business but cannot be everywhere. As a result of this, you require the services of agents who will help reduce the task involved in the business cycle. 

Agents no doubt have significantly contributed to the growth of real estate business in Nigeria due to the fact that they will devote their time to source for customers. Most times, agents go out of their way to convince someone who has no interest in real estate business to invest in the business.

Many people in the society today have taken a career as a real estate agent. Some of them succeed while many others are still struggling to survive. 

The difference between a successful real estate agent and the unsuccessful is in the methods adopted in the business. 


Nigerians who want to be successful in real estate agent business are advised to follow the procedure below, which might help.

The first step, since this business involves a huge amount of money, it will speak well if you get a formal education so as to know how to approach the wealthy that will come across your way and invest in the property. 

Secondly, rent an office in a strategic place that is easy to locate. This is important so that your clients can easily reach you at any point in time.

Also, register your business with Corporate Affairs Commission. This will make clients see you as trusted and reliable business man.

You have to employ a staff to work as a clerk in your business so as to attend to clients in your absence. You may also employ staff to assist in carrying out your agent business.

You need to advertise your services, which this can be done by having posters in various locations within the city or through one on one talk with someone who might have people who will be interested in your services.


Real estate agent is a very lucrative business if you know how to reach your target customers and convince them to invest in such property. A novice in agency business can follow the established guidelines to be successful in the business.

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