How to Start a New Flower Shop in Nigeria

How to open a Flower Shop in Nigeria

Severally small businesses are springing up in Nigeria these days. These businesses are beginning to equate with popular businesses in terms of income generated from the business transactions. Flowers are one of such business that has proven to be lucrative in our generation. This could be attributed to development in the area of infrastructural facilities as well as the passion to create a sustainable environment in Nigeria.

The importance of flower in our environment cannot be overemphasized. The theory of Lookism explains that beauty attracts favour naturally. This explains why ladies who dress very well always get offers for a free ride from owners of private cars. Flowers just like a well dressed young lady attract people to a particular environment.

Presently, hardly will you see a modern building that is not decorated with flowers inside out. This explains why you notice a lot of people snapping pictures with their phones and camera whenever they have an opportunity of coming into an environment that is decorated with flowers. 


Flower business is of two kinds; the planted flowers used to beautify the exterior of our environments and the plastic ones used in decorating the interior of the house and also for social events such as weddings, traditional marriages, birthdays etc. the choice is yours to make on the type of flower shop to establish. If you are located in a strategic position, you may consider dealing with the two types of flowers if you have the resources to do that.


Starting flower shop in Nigeria can be rewarding if you have the passion for the business and enough resources as well. There are situations where Nigerians who invested a huge sum of money in this business suffer great loss due to low patronage. This entails that something has gone wrong somewhere.  However, for the interest of Nigerians who will like to invest in flower shop business, the established directives will be of great help. 


Take a decision on the type of flower shop to operate

Decide whether to operate life flower or plastic flower. This is important as the likely location where the two can thrive differs. Plastic flower thrives in popular streets, markets, church premises and so on while life flowers can easily thrive in an open environment especially a place close to the water. You can also decide to deal with the two types; however, dealing on the two is not common in Nigeria.


Choose a suitable location

It is wise to target your customer by considering the location that will most likely be close to them. In this situation, establishing your flower shop in a site close to a developing estate will guarantee patronage.


Establish link with major distributors

Establish links with major flower distributor so as to supply you quality flower products that will attract patronage. You can always establish more than one link so as not to experience disappointment.


Give discounts

Give discounts to customers so as to lure them to patronize you. This does not mean selling below the cost price to attract customers; rather it means selling a little lower than others in the same business.


Advertise your business

Give out business cards, use social media and also list your flower business with an online local business directory such as This will no doubt increase patronage.


With the on-going infrastructural development in Nigeria, there is no doubt that flower business will continue to flourish. This is why this guideline is important as it will help persons who will like to invest in the business. 

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