How To Become A Good Comedian In Nigeria

Years back in Nigeria, comedy wasn't so popular and as it is today. Recently, talented comedians are springing up from various parts of the country and now make a good living out of the profession.

Who is a comedian?

A comedian is a stage entertainer who has the comic skills of how to employ ideas to makes audience laugh during a social gathering. He is a celebrity that is naturally gifted on how to introduce humour in every gathering.

This profession these days is becoming more lucrative than many other businesses considering the level of patronage involved; Nigeria is one of the counties in West African sub-region that has a lot of talented comedians.

These comedians are hired for a very big amount of money to perform in public functions. Apart from that, companies in Nigeria do hire comedians as their ambassador.

For instance, Globacom Telecommunication Company employed a popular comedian known as Basket Mouth as their Ambassador and some many others who had once in their career have also have been an ambassador to one company or the other.

Some talented comedians in Nigeria lack the skills of how to present their jokes in a way to captivate the attention of the audience and make them laugh.


The directives below will be of great help to Nigerian comedians in becoming not just a comedian but a talented comedian with well-articulated ideas.

Come up with a suitable joke

It is always good for a comedian to come up with a joke that reflects the occasion.  For instance, if you are cracking a joke during Valentine period, make sure that your joke revolves and reflects on love affairs.

Going out of the reason for the occasion most times make the joke uninteresting.


Time your joke

You should time your joke so as to fit in and make meaning. Try to organise your joke to come up in sequence so as to flow well.


Put on funny attire or make funny movements

Your funny outfit and movement is the number one thing that captures the attention of viewers.

Such outfit can come in form of customised shirt or polo, jean and trouser, jewries, tattoos, shoes, style of outfits and even the way you put it on.


Introduce your joke

Start your performance by coming up with a joke that will make viewers laugh uncontrollably.

Here, humour is a key element that makes the whole thing lively, therefore never you do without introducing humour. 


Avoid repeating yourself

Repetition should be avoided in jokes as it will make your joke boring and which will make the audience lose interest, thinking you don’t have anything else to offer.

It is better for the jokes to be short and nice than to take much time and have several repetitions.


Introduce your joke in a funny manner

It is good to introduce your joke in a funny manner as this is the only thing that will retain the attention of the audience.


Make jokes out of yourself and the audience

A good comedian will always make a joke with himself and also the audience.  This should be done in such a way that the audience won’t feel embarrassed.


End with humour

Summarise your jokes with humour, just as you started it so that the audience will cheer as you work out of the stage.

Nigeria is a populous country in Africa when it comes to comedy and entertainment; and in recent times, there has been an upsurge of many comedians from every nook and crannies of the country.

Since it is now becoming even more popular in Nigeria, it is, therefore, necessary that one acquires or have the necessary skills on how to organise jokes in order to be more successful in the field and beat other competitors.

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