Miss Pride of Africa UK

This year's Miss Pride of Africa UK will be held in November on the 2nd 2019 and will take place in London.

Miss Pride of Africa UK beauty pageant was initiated to integrate Africans in the United Kingdom, promote their diverse cultural heritage and also to project the positive image of African women and their culture to the world.

Miss Pride of Africa UK pageant which is the biggest and most admirable beauty pageant in the United Kingdom is designed to empower African women in Diaspora and promote their unity as people of the same continent.

Rich cultural heritage of nations in Africa is exposed to the world during Miss Pride of Africa beauty pageant. This beauty pageant provides an opportunity for culture transfer among nations and exchange of contacts among persons, that is to say, that it promotes unity and better relations among Africans in the United Kingdom


During this unique contest, issues affecting Africa such as drug abuse, diseases, child abuse, genital mutilation and other social issues are addressed through questions that are usually asked to the contestants as part of the requirements for winning the contest.

Organisers of Miss Pride of Africa UK are usually selected from various countries in Africa. Winner of this contest is expected to establish something that will empower African women.

MISSION: Miss Pride of Africa UK is designed to promote unity among Africans in the United Kingdom and also to project their good image and cultural heritage to the world at large.



Debora Owirendu                          -                                   2015

Christiana Mellah                           -                                   2016 

Florence Kaate                              -                                   2017

Uganda's Kemigisha Babra             -                                   2018



-         Must have either father or mother from Africa

-         Must be between 17 to 35 years of age

-         Must be single

-         Must be healthy and mentally sound.

-         Must have education qualification of at least GCSE or its equivalent.

-         Must not be pregnant

-         Must be a decent person who has not been involved in any form of pornography. 


-         You have to pay an application form of €40 (non-refundable)

-         Log into the website and fill in the necessary data after the payment is made.


-         Initial application cost (Registration/commitment) £40 and is non — refundable

-         You must conduct yourself properly at all time during participation and eventual reign

-         To cooperate, obey and comply at all times with the rules and regulations of the pageant

-         Attend the Organizer’s official functions at all times during the period of the competition

-         Not accept private engagements during the period of the contest

-         Allow and permit the organiser to use or take her photographs for purposes of publicity and promotions

-         Appear on television, radio, film or print media for the publicity/promotion requirements of the competition 


-         If crowned Miss Pride of Africa UK, you agree to carry out your duties which include attending events and charity work when required. Failure to do so may result in you being stripped off your title which will then go to the 1st runner up. You will forfeit any prizes not yet received.

-         If no longer residing in the United Kingdom before the end of her reign

-         Violation of any of the regulations of this Agreement and/or Miss Pride of Africa UK

-         Failure to perform duties and responsibilities required of Miss Pride of Africa UK and Consistent absence at official functions.

When & Location

London, United Kingdom
02/11/2019 12:00 AM to 02/11/2019 12:00 AM

London, United Kingdom

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