Miss Petite Nigeria Pageant

Miss Petite Nigeria Pageant is one of th most beauty contest all over the world considers a particular height as a qualification to participate in beauty pageant. This criteria no doubt is a social injustice to others who may like to take part in the competition but are not up to the required height.

Miss Petite Nigeria is a beauty pageant established to address this injustice by allowing everybody irrespective of height to participate in the competition.

This annual beauty contest was established to bridge the gap between the tall beautiful young ladies and their shorter colleagues.

Miss Petite Nigeria Pageant is the liveliest contest in Nigeria due to the fact that it gives ladies who are 5ft 6 inches below the opportunity of participants.

Contestants from various states in Nigeria organize primaries after which one person will be selected to represent the state in the grand finale of the competition.

Miss Petite Nigeria is organized annually to promote the cultural heritage of various ethnic groupings in the country and also to empower young ladies to be independent through competitions that take place during the beauty pageant.



To bring a positive change by setting the issue of height discrimination that arises in many pageant competition by allowing interested ladies to contest in the competition.



-         Must be a Nigerian

-         Have to be Beautiful

-         Must be 5ft 6 and below

-         Must be within 18-26 years of age

-         Must be Intelligent

-         Must be Talented. And

-         Must be environmentally conscious.



·        Go to http://misspetitenigeriapageant.com/register.php to fill the form and input the required information.

·        Go to the next option, which is to upload a your photo

·        And then finally click on submit

When & Location

Lagos, Nigeria
00/00/0000 12:00 AM to 00/00/0000 12:00 AM

0809 536 9321

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