Masha Surulere Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons

40 Alhaji Masha Road, Alhaji Masha, Surulere

Chikas Beauty Salon is located in Surulere, Lagos and renders hair services in washing and setting, retouching, treatment, weaving and plaiting.

3 Ogunlana Drive, Masha, Surulere

Defem Beauty Salon provides sales and services on beauty treatment, product and creams.

32 James Robertson Street, Masha, Surulere
08069403978, 08126365894

Nature Glows Beauty Spa And Beauty Academy provides services in hair treatment and weaving, makeup, pedicure, manicure and sales of weavons, attachments also a beauty instaitution.

85 Akerele Road, Masha, Surulere

Vipat Beauty Salon provides services in hair steaming, weaving, retouching and treatment.