Kubwa District Computer Services

Computer Services

Suite 242 Veterans Plaza, Gado Nasko Road, Kubwa, Abuja FCT

Dasat Ventures is a computer engineering training and maintainance services provider.

124 New maitama street, Kubwa, Abuja FCT

Ijs Technologies is a computer maintainance training services provider.

Suite 3 Gada Nasko Road, Kubwa, Abuja FCT
07065158221, 08057960043

Instant Access Computer Limited is a computer training services solution provider.

Siute 7&8 Kubwa Shopping Plaza Pw, Phase II, Kubwa, Abuja FCT

Itech is a company providing computer installation, repairs and computer training services solutions.

Suite 10 Grace Jay Shopping Mall, PW, Kubwa, Abuja FCT

Susad Network Computer Service is a computer training and engineering centre.