About Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Date Fruits

About Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Date Fruits

Date fruits are sweet edible fruits that are very common in most parts of Nigeria majorly in the Northern part specifically in Jigawa State. It is called Dabino in Hausa; Ojo in Yoruba and scientifically called Phoenix dactylifera.

Date trees are similar to palm trees and the fruits take quite a long time like 4 to 7 years to mature and produce fruits. They are harvested when ripened and soft, they can also be harvested when hard and be stored to ripe and soften.

In the case of storing to ripe, it is better to dry the fruit to a certain level so that they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 months without any rotten effects. Date fruits are a good source of dietary fibre, energy as well as sugar also other nutritional contents that add value to heart health, libido and fertility improvement among other benefits.

·   Dates contain essential minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and magnesium which helps the nervous system to function and perform effectively. Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation related sicknesses.


·   They are subjected to overall heart health and reduction of LDL cholesterol in the blood. These fruits are effective natural heart medicine when soaked overnight and crushed in the morning for consumption in a consecutive manner or when eaten just as a fruit regularly.


·   Also, it contains essential vitamin nutrients they are rich in vitamins such as folate, vitamin K, thiamin, vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 plays a key role in performing physical and psychological functions, consuming date fruits in good quantity means taking the proper index of vitamins especially B6 which contribute to brain health.


·   Date fruits are known to be naturally aphrodisiac, this means that they improve sexual stamina and reduces lots of sexual disorders. The presence of estradiol and flavonoid have been studied and proven to contribute excellently to the improvement of sexual desire, promote weight and increase in testes as well as fertility improvement.


·   The soluble and insoluble fibre content in date fruits helps to clear up the gastrointestinal system, improve digestion and reduce the risk of constipation in the system.


·   They are rich in natural sugar such as glucose, fructose and sucrose which help in boosting energy in the body system especially when there are symptoms of weakness that the insulin might be in need of sugar; they are naturally okay and good source of sugar supply.


·   There are other important chemical compounds and minerals which are contained in this fruits and perform several important functions such as treating anaemia, allergy, diarrhoea, cleansing some bacteria in the intestine and many other conditions.


These fruits are extremely nutritious and advantageous to human health; essential nutrients and fibre content in good quantity. Dates are one of the sweetest seed fruits that are not attributed to any adverse reaction but when eaten in excess they contribute to weight gain due to high fibre and sugar content.

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