Simple Ways To Effectively Get Rid Of Pimples

Pimples also called acne has been one of the major skin conditions that have affected eventually 9 out of 10 persons.

Though it’s common among teenagers as a result of hormonal changes which occurs during puberty but notwithstanding it is also common among adults (men and women inclusive) and can range from whiteheads to blackheads and in most cases as cysts.

It is never a welcomed guest to anyone it visits, because not only does its pop up uninvited it is also very difficult to get rid of. But can it really be gotten rid of? Yes!.

Getting rid of pimples or acne isn't as difficult as most people see it because all it needed is the proper and effective skincare treatment to reduce the breakout and be pimple-free.


Here Are Effective Method That Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Pimples;

1. Wash your Face Frequently

Washing the face two or more times in the day is one of the secrets of being pimple free, it can be done in the morning after you wake up or in the night before sleep, and conveniently any other time of the day.

It is important because it exfoliates the skin, meaning that it helps to clean the skin and remove the skin cells which are dead from the face thereby reducing the chances of such dead skin cells leading to dry skin or pimples.

Exfoliating cleansers can also be used in this case.


2. Don’t Sleep With Makeup

Getting rid of pimples can’t be effective when one sleeps with makeup on because it does not only result in breakouts due to the oil trapped under the skin but can also prevent the skin cells from repairing itself which can cause adverse effects in the long run.

Therefore, to reduce the chances of having pimples or unwanted breakouts, it is advised Never to sleep with makeup on. Always use a baby/face wipes to clean the makeup, wash your face or better take your bath before sleeping.


3. Use Skin Moisturizers

Skin moisturizers have in most cases proven effective in reducing pimples and blackheads, but using the right moisturizers such as non-greasy facial moisturizers are better.

This is because breakouts, acne or pimples are most times caused by too much oil on the skin and using non-greasy or oil- control type of moisturizer will not worsen such case but will help to improve and control it


4. Use A Skin Clearing Toner

Blackhead or dark spot caused by pimples can be minimized by using a skin clearing toner effectively which does not only help to reduce blemishes but also helps to balance and maintain a normal PH for the skin which is one of the underlying causes of breakouts.

Applying skin clearing toners daily can also make the skin stay hydrated preventing dry skin and other conditions that will lead to pimples.


5. Find a Good Astringent

Astringent, exfoliate the skin, open up the skin pores by removing the excess oil, and as well contract the skin pores in order to avoid accumulating bacterias which cause pimples or breakouts.

Natural astringents are better in this case in order to avoid damaging the face by some chemicals used in the production of other non-natural astringents which are always harsher on the skin.

Benzoyl peroxide can serve as an effective remedy for pimples as it is one of the major ingredients used in many astringents and skin toners as well.


6. Use an Effective Pimple Medication

There are also many effective pimple medications which are good for removing pimples, but instead of doing a trial and error method, it is advised to meet your dermatologist to recommend the appropriate type in order to avoid escalating the breakouts.

Your dermatologist might recommend some supplements such as zinc, fish oil supplement, brewer’s yeast and more.It has all been proven to help in reducing the spread of pimples, though the result may not be fast as expected but long term use can help in promoting your skin.

Also, you can go for a cortisone injections which might be quite expensive and also may not go well with some persons as the cortisone shots might cause some pain unless being done by an expert.

This should not be a long lasting process as the injections can cause many adverse effects to the body but it can serve as an alternative in a situation where you suddenly need to clear your breakouts as fast as possible.


7. Use Essential Oil

It might be an irony to suggest using an oil on the skin to help prevent pimple of which it is one of the underlying causes.

But the truth is that the oil, in this case, is essential which means that it is indispensable; it is derived from plants and provides an aromatherapy effect on the skin as it has been used as an alternative treatment for many skin conditions such as inflammations, bacteria and fungi infections.

Such essential oils include but is not limited to tree tea oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, rosemary oil etc., and due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory property, it is situated in reducing pimples as well lighting dark spots.

Essential oils are expensive, and in most cases concentrated, which is why it is always recommended to be diluted with adequate water in order to avoid adverse reactions on the skin as it may cause rashes/redness.


8. Try a Facial Mask

Deep cleaning facial mask is also another way of simply putting an end to pimples, it is considered one of the most effective means of getting rid of pimples.

Most facial masks can be done using natural ingredients which leaves the skin moisturized, brighten pigmentation, tightens the pores against bacterias, exfoliate and hydrate the skin as well.


A facial mask can be done using a wide range of natural ingredients such as;

A. Bentonite Clay which has a healing property as it is effectively used to improve many skin conditions by providing it with a soothing relief and the minerals it needs to make the skin healthy.

How to use

  • Mix a suitable quantity of bentonite clay with water to achieve a consistency that is neither watery nor thick
  • Apply on the Face and allow it to sit till it tries and flakes off
  • Wash your face with clean water and pat dry.


B. Activated Charcoal is also one of the ingredients which can be used as a facial mask. This should not be confused with charcoal because they are quite different.

Activated charcoal can be simply termed as a charcoal which was processed to have an increase in its porosity by adding oxygen and it helps in removing toxins and other harmful materials from water, in the body and so on.

Therefore, applying it on the face will simply remove the toxins/ dirt such as bacterias which blocks the pores of the face, thereby leaving the skin refreshing and exfoliated.

How to use

  • Get an Activated Charcoal/carbon
  • Grind it into fine particle
  • Mix with little water for a better consistency
  • Apply on the face as a facial mask
  • Allow to dry and sit for 20 minute
  • Wash it off with a clean warm water


C. Baking Soda serves as an exfoliating agent, and have proven effective in the removal of dead cells from the body.

How to use

  • Mix about 2 teaspoons of baking soda in little water 
  • Apply on the face
  • Allow to dry and flake off
  • Wash with water and pat dry

There are so many other effective ways to make your own facial mask using banana, papaya, avocado, honey and cinnamon mask and so many others. All have great effects on making the skin smooth and refreshing.


Irrespective of the method used, facial masking can be done once or twice in a week for best results.


9. Use Aspirin

Aspirin is used in reducing inflammation, pains, fever and more, and have been proven effective in helping to reduce keloids, acne amongst other.

It characteristics property which helps in the treatment of acne or a pimple can be attributed to its content of salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is also one of the chief ingredients which is used in most acne medication as it helps to dry out acne.


For use: crush and mix aspirin with little water to form a thick consistency before applying on the face.

Although this may work on pimples but should be used temporarily as a long use of aspirin can make the skin too dry and peel off.


10. Get A Product that Contains Azelaic Acid

Azelaic Acid is effective in the treatment of pimples as it functions as an antibacterial which helps in the reducing redness and inflammation, clearing dark spots and other bacterias which causes pimples.

Althoug, it may be found in many skin care products, it can be gotten as well from barley, wheat and even rye in its natural state.


For use

  • Simply get a facial cream or gel that contains Azelaic Acid
  • Apply on the face and gently massage
  • Leave for about 20- 30 minutes and wash it off with a clean water.


How Do I Know Which Methods That Will Works For Me?

More importantly, using any of these effective methods without putting into consideration what your skin routine is, as in sticking with what benefits your type of skin or what products works for you can actually make you not to get the best result from any other above effective ways.

So, it is better to know your type of skin, what can easily irritate it, and so on, although in most cases you may never know which one that will work best till you try.



Pimples! are never loved by anyone because it is always very difficult to control and gotten ridden of once it starts breaking out.

But without much fear, the above skin care methods have been proven effective, and using any of these tips religiously will give a quick leave to the ever unwanted visitor - pimples!.

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