Good Weight Loss Strategies for Better Results

Overweight can lead to poor health condition known as obesity regardless of your age. Therefore, most people will always like to maintain their normal body weight while some others who are overweight, look for things to do in other to reduce their body weight.


Listed below are some of the surest guidelines for better weight-loss;

1.  Eat Less Fatty Foods

Some of the diets we take are high in fat which is quite unhealthy because the end result is an increase in blood pressure which causes overweight or obesity in other words.

Anyone that is working towards weight-loss plan should re-evaluate the kind of diets to eat and the necessary nutrients that are needed to stay good and healthy instead of eating high glycemic fat, unhealthy fats.


2.   Consumes Less Sugar

Most times, we are subjected to processed food. These forms of food in most cases have sugar contents which are not natural.

For examples, cookies, sweetened cakes, cereals and related others contain refined sugars which have devastating effects on metabolism and increases the cholesterol level in the blood.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid all these processed food that contain different forms of refined sugar and the sugar itself.


3.   Stay Hydrated

Water accounts for 60% of the body system and it is important to every cell in the body.

Lack of water or rather reduced water content in the body leads to an increase in body cholesterol which causes harmful effect on the heart.

Since the body loses water through sweat and urine, It is advisable to always stay well hydrated to avoid such health situations and others as well.


4.   Make Room For Healthy Fat

Make your own meal from whole food with minimally processed ingredients or natural ingredients to avoid and eliminate unhealthy fats.

In today's world, most parents find it difficult and delaying to settle down and prepare natural whole food which is quite nutritious instead they go for fast made easy food due to time factors and in some cases laziness.

The alternative becomes the palatable variety of precooked and pre-packaged meals which contains unhealthy saturated fats.


5.   Consume a Good Supplement

Most people are so much addicted to taking different kinds of supplement. We barely know that supplements may have some effects due to the basic knowledge that supplements contain essential nutrients and vitamins.

Yes, this is true but it is good to make a proper research on the effects of any type of supplements you choose before starting to consume it just to ensure good health condition.


6.    Exercise Regularly 

Exercising our body is a natural and common trick and strategy known for a better weight-loss plan because it metabolizes stress hormone and keeps the blood sugar flat.

Home exercise is good but engaging in a gymnastics centre is the best though it has pros and cons just like personal or home exercise.

At the gym, one will be introduced to different types of exercise bikes and running machines for different purposes which you may not be privileged to have at home.


7.    Adequate Resistance Training

Resistance training helps to strengthen the muscles and improve resting tones. In other words, helps the muscles to work against some kinds of weight or force.

To maintain a normal ratio of body fat to lean muscle and proper weight management, resistance training needs to be applied.


8.    Be Sociable

Some of the skills you need to weight-loss could be gotten from those you socialize with, such as people who had gone through it to provide advice and extra motivation.

A support team will play an integral role towards you achieving your weight-loss aim. Also check out online social media communities like Facebook, Twitter and others that offer support and encouragement.

Therefore socializing with people combined with diet and physical activity can go a long in weight reduction.


9.    Eat More Vegetable and Fruits

Regular consumption of vegetables and fruits is very effective for weight loss; because they contain a high level of fibre and few calories.

Therefore eating more vegetables and other high fibre foods help to keep you fuller for a long time without craving for more food which could result in overeating.


10.    Sleep Smarter

Sleep does not only help in reducing stress and depression but it can also help in shaving off pounds. Lack of sleep is due to changes in appetite and the metabolism of glucose (sugar in the blood).

It is advisable you avoid large meals at night before going to bed and minimize the hours spent during sleep, as it will help in weight reduction.


11.    Chew Mint Gum

Chewing a piece of sugar-free gum will not entirely curb your appetite but it helps in keeping your mouth busy when cooking a meal.

Though the effects of chewing gum on weight loss is very minimal, it can help to lower hunger for sweet and salty snacks and also decrease hunger between meals. Studies have also shown that mint gum has the ability to lower anxiety. 


What is the most effective strategy for weight loss and weight maintenance?

Although diets can be unrealistic and restrictive, which often result in weight gain. There are numerous simple changes you can make to your habits that are simple and easy to stick with and that will help you maintain your weight loss in the long term.

Through your journey, you will notice that maintaining weight entails much more than what you eat. Therefore regular exercise, been focused on whole foods, reducing the limit of sugar intake and making time for yourself will help in maintaining your weight loss.

It is also necessary you find out a plan that works for you and fits well with your lifestyle.


Nutritional Advice for Weight Loss

There are various ways to lose a lot of weight faster. Most of the procedures on losing weight will make you unsatisfied and hungry, which if you don’t have the willpower and when you are not determined then hunger might cause you to give up on the procedures quickly.

Theses nutritional advice will aid greatly in weight reduction if you can stick to it.

  • Reduce the number of sugars and starches, when you do these; your hunger levels will go down and you end up taking much fewer calories. Then instead of burning carbohydrate for energy, your body will start removing stored fat.
  • Another advantage of reducing intake of carbohydrate is that it lowers insulin levels, which caused your kidney to shed off excess sodium and water out of your body and these reduce bloat and unwanted water weight.
  • Consume protein, fat and vegetables; yes constructing your meal in this way will quickly bring your carbohydrate intake into the required range of 20-50 grams per day.
  • Eat food rich in protein like eggs, fish and seafood, beef, chicken, and eat low carbohydrate vegetables like spinach, cabbage, kale, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower etc. also fat sources which include olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and butter
  • A diet that is fully based protein, fats and vegetables contain all the fibre, minerals and vitamins you need to be healthy.



It is all in practice so if any mistake is encountered while evaluating and adjusting from your normal diet, don’t give up instead try to stay optimistic and dedicate more time to the practices that are required.

The focus should not be on any one of these tips alone because what worked for someone else might not work for you. Again, one might not necessarily carry out all of them together before feeling the effects.

One or more of them can easily lead to your desired body weight which may differ in individuals due to different types of body systems.


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