Consequences Of Too Much Alcohol In The Body System

Alcohol is produced commercially through the fermentation of ethanol (yeast breaks down sugar into alcohol); it has colourless, volatile and flammable physical properties.

In as much as alcohol is produced commercially for consumption, our body also produces its own alcohol through the breakdown of small amounts of carbohydrates by some microbes in the body.

The alcohol in the body is turned into some useful energy through metabolic processes and eliminates it so it doesn't accumulate to toxins in our bloodstreams.

Alcohol works in two different ways in the body system. The way it works for one who takes it in moderate quantity is not the way it will work for one who takes it in large quantity.

Research has shown that alcohol, when taken in moderate quantity, helps in constipation. However, much consumption of alcohol affects every part of the body and endangers the health of the person who consumes it.


Some of the consequences can be seen below:

  • Too much alcohol intake put the liver in danger as it has to work (overtime) for a very long time trying to absorb it. This can lead to Cirrhosis (chronic inflammation of the liver leading to damaged tissue) which is caused by unsafe consumption of alcohol, chronic viral hepatitis, fatty liver disease etc.
  • Alcohol can also cause prostate as habitual drinkers stand the risk of experiencing pain in the pancreas. When the pancreas is functioning abnormally, it can cause hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) and which put diabetic patients in danger.
  • Too much alcohol affects the central nervous system, contracts the brain tissues and destroys brain cells thus making the person behave like senseless human being.
  • Such a person can develop problems with cognition and memory, loses coordination and can hardly think comprehensively or perform any task effectively.
  • Too much alcoholic in the body system most times leads to Alcoholic polyneuropathy, a tingling or abnormal sensation of the hands and feet, and Alcoholic Neuropathy, a damaged in the body peripheral nerves especially when the person is ageing.
  • Alcohol, when consumed excessively, irritates the lining of the stomach and can lead to inflammation and increase the risk of an ulcer developing and also worsening the ulcer the in cases of one that already has it.
  • It causes also stomach inflammation which if not well controlled sometimes leads to obesity; it also causes cancer which is always difficult to control.
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol causes weak erection in men which leads to infertility in some cases. Among women, it causes miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery and many other things.
  • Alcohol, when been taken excessively, causes alcoholic hepatitis, which can result in liver failure and death in most cases.


Abuse of alcohol has so many health implications, apart from the fact that it can lead to body sensation, it can also send one to his or her early grave.

It affects eventually all the vital organs of the body like the kidney, liver, pancreas and many other internal organs of the body; that is why it is necessary for you to know the implications of too much alcohol consumption in the body before taking the next bottle or glass of beer (alcohol).

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