Ways To Manage and Control Panic Attack

Panic attacks can cause disabling anxiety and fear which can make the heart to continue beating fast and abnormal. It generates physical effects that cause frightening symptoms which can lead to heart problems or stroke. The information below provides 10 easy ways by which you can help yourself to control a panic attack.

•    When you are trembling in panic due to certain circumstances, you don’t have to fight against it forcefully what you have to do is to accept it then apply the technique of counting down as fast as you can starting from 100. Do the counting repeatedly. You can change pattern by counting in 3s from that same number, it will help reduce the fear.

•    Cold water splash is a hydrotherapy that helps to fight depression, anxiety and fear. Splashing cold water on the face when you have a panic attack has a physiological effect that helps to bring your mind back to the present memory. Another advantage is that cold water when splashed on the face improves brain function and produces a parasympathetic effect.

•    Funny movies and TV programs can improve your mood and produce dopamine. A panic attack can be scary and depressive but when you watch funny things on the television and laugh, it will make you feel good and ease out the anxiety. Laughter is a naturally excellent medicine that can improve situations especially one that has impacts on the memory.

•    The music that you are familiar with can help you in this situation. Listen to the music that you enjoy best and sing to it as you play to improve mood and banish depressive moment. Neuroscientists discover from studies that music is a cognitive therapy that can reduce anxiety by 65% and improve emotions.

•    Apple has been proven an effective anxiety food. It has a positive effect on panic attack because of the adrenaline content in it that helps to create an impulse to organs that produce an effective response. If you are in this condition, eat an apple. Apples are natural medicine to a panic attack, but remember that this health condition has no medication.

•    If you have a panic attack and keep sitting at a place all the time, you are making the situation more dangerous. You have to be doing things that can keep you busy and make you happy at all times. Visit your friends, engage in stories with your neighbours, call your loved ones and do other leisure activities to ease yourself of the emotional and mental stress that panic attack can cause.

•    Tell yourself that panic attack doesn’t kill and then help yourself with physical activities to reduce the mental stress that you are passing through and then. Physical exercises like running, jumping, yoga and much more can release endorphins which have an analgesic effect. Performing physical activities on a routine can help to restrain panic disorder.

•    Anxiety is quite an awful situation to undergo all alone but even if you want to share with people tell your immediate family. Do not tell your friend about such problem because he or she might end up “rubbing salt in a wound” thereby making the situation grow to the worst level.

•    A panic attack causes nervousness and most times can take off your mind from the present situation and get you going far away with rubbish thoughts flowing on your mind. For this reason, some psychologist will suggest the therapy of slapping your cheek slightly to turn your attention to what is going on.

•    When you have a panic attack, taking control of yourself is the best instead of allowing the situation to control you. It is always characterized by losing control because of the feeling that you are in grave danger but you have to calm your body and mind so that you will be fine. Relax and control yourself, and ensure yourself that it will soon be over.

These tips will serve as an assistant to hold anxiety under control when you are having a panic attack. You must have found out from the article that there is no medical treatment to this situation; you are the doctor involved in this case. So follow the tips and combat panic attack.

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