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20 Sultan Bello Road, Sokoto, Sokoto State Nigeria

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Systemtech technology is a comprehensive information and communications technology (ICT) company that provides support for high-speed mobile voice and data services.

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Metro Wi-Fi networks are being deployed by:

Wireless ISPs to deliver high-speed fixed and mobile voice and data services
Fixed line ISPs who want to expand their product offering by offering complementary mobile products, enabling them to attract new customers while increasing the "loyalty" of existing customers
Municipalities who want to both provide emergency services (e.g. police, fire, ambulance) and differentiated high-speed IP services to residents and businesses (including CCTV)
Cellular carriers who want to extend the breadth and reach of their cellular offering through offering mobile voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) as well as mobile broadband data as part of the their product bundle.
Customers who are deploying citywide networks and recognize that their business needs will evolve over time and that the technology available to deliver citywide Wi-Fi will continue to advance at a rapid rate.

That is why they choose networks that are based on Systemtech's highly flexible, remotely upgradeable software platform.

Using Systemtech technology, citywide Wi-Fi networks can be deployed:

At lower cost
With greater flexibility

Systemtech's carrier-grade wireless network technology and use of multi-radio wireless nodes:

Provides support for high-speed mobile voice and data services
Results in a scalable network architecture with robust dedicated backhaul supporting QOS, low-latency applications, and fast mobile hand-off
Is remotely upgradeable to enable support for new radio technologies (such as 802.11n) and new applications as they emerge
Allows the use of low cost, current standards-based hardware available from a range of equipment suppliers
Allows for flexible deployment options
Includes carrier-grade network management systems and interfaces to carriers' or ISPs' backend systems

With Systemtech technology, an ISP, a municipality or a carrier has a broad range of options to quickly and cost effectively deploy a citywide Wi-Fi network with unmatched flexibility and upgradeability.

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