1st floor 42/43, Marina Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria

Short Description

We are a B2B consultancy firm that delivers services to start-up companies with the latest use of technology.

Business Information

Servintel is a 21st century driven company, and as the world is a global village. Our key strengths will be the use of modern technology to deliver services efficiently and effectively. Our dedicated team is committed to ensure that businesses start on the right part to profitability hence our motto ‘The profit builders’. Our name Servintel is coined from ‘Service’ and ‘Intel’(Intelligence). So our main aim is to deliver excellent services with up to date Intel. Servintel Nigeria Limited is a B2B company and was incorporated in 2013. It consists of dedicated professionals that make sure our clients get the service they deserve especially in a country where service is a challenge.

Year Founded


Types of Product

1. Financial Advisory
2. Business strategic consultants
3. IT consultants
4. Program developers
5. Venture Capitalism
6. Organizing staff training
7. Developing startup companies

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