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5th Floor, Oak Business School Building, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

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ICM Approved Professional Training Centre in Lagos.The Professional courses available to further your studies toward B.Sc, MBA, MSc and Phd

Business Information

Accounting & Finance
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Business Management
Graduate Diploma

Business Studies
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Commercial Management
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma

Commercial Studies

Corporate Governance

Financial Services
Certificate | Diploma

Hospitality Management
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Human Resource Development
Diploma | Advanced Diploma

International Business Studies
Certificate | Diploma

International Relations
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma

International Trade
Certificate | Diploma

Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Journalism & Media Studies

Legal Studies
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma

Legal Studies (ROI)
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma

Post Graduate Diploma

Management Studies
Graduate Diploma

Managing Health & Safety
Certificate | Diploma

Maritime Management
Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma

Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma

Marketing Management
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma

Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations
Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Office Management

Office Practice

Professional Computing
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma | Graduate Diploma

Project Management
Advanced Diploma

Public Sector Management
Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Purchasing & Supply Management
Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Retail Management
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Sales Management & Marketing
Certificate | Diploma

Sports Management
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Tourism & Business Studies
Certificate | Diploma | Advanced Diploma

Other Certification:
Accident & Emergency Procedures
Accounting (Accounting Techniques)
Accounting II (Accounting in Decision Making)
Accounting III (Accounting & Financial Reporting)
Accounting, Purchasing & Cost Control
An Outline of Legal History
Auditing & Taxation
Bookkeeping (Bookkeeping & Finance)
Broadcast Journalism
Business Ethics & Customer Care
Business Finance & Bookkeeping
Business Law (Introduction to Business Law)
Business Law (Republic of Ireland only)
Business Management & Administration
Business Organisation
Buyer Behaviour & Consumerism
Campaign Planning & Control
Characteristics of World Destinations
Company Law
Company Law (Rep. of Ireland only)
Computer Appreciation & Applications
Computers & Project Management
Constitutional Law
Constitutional Law (Rep. of Ireland only)
Contract Negotiations
Corporate Governance
Corporate Policy (Corporate Policy & Strategic Decision Making)
Cost Accounting (Cost & Management Accounting)
Criminal Law
Criminal Law (Rep. of Ireland only)
Culinary Theory
Customer Service (Customer Service for Managers & Supervisors)
Customer Service Management in Sport
Decision Support Systems
Digital TV & Radio Journalism
Economics & Hospitality
Economics for Business
Effective Leadership of Health & Safety
Employee Relations
English for Journalists & Writers
Environmental Management in the Hospitality Industry
Essentials of Health & Safety Management
Export Office Practice
Export Practice & Management
Finance of International Trade
Financial Aspects of Retail
Financial Management
Food & Beverage Management
Framework for Successful Health & Safety Management
Freelance & Feature Writing
Front Office Operations & Administration
Fundamentals of the Hotel & Catering Industry
General Purpose Software
Hardware & Operating Systems
Hospitality Management
Hotel & Catering Law
Housekeeping & Accommodation Studies
Human Resource Development I (Human Resource Management Practices & Policies)
Human Resource Development II (Human Resource Development Tools & Techniques)
Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
Human Resources Management (Theory & Practice of Human Resource Management)
Information Processing
Information Systems Strategy
Information Technology Applications
International Business Communications
International Marketing
International Marketing Research

International Purchasing & Supply
International Retailing
International Trade & Payments I
International Trade & Payments II
International Trade & Transport
Introduction to Journalism
Introduction to Sports Management
Investment – Process & Analysis
Investment – Products & Characteristics
IT for Marketing Management
Land Law
Land Law (Rep. of Ireland only)
Leadership Studies
Leisure & Tourism Operations
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Magazine Journalism
Management of Travel & Tourism Operations
Management Theory & Practice
Managing Computer Systems
Managing e-Business
Managing People in Sport Organisations
Managing Works & Costs
Marine Insurance
Maritime Economics
Maritime Law
Maritime Operations
Maritime Security & Safety Management
Marketing (Marketing Principles)
Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism
Marketing Hotel & Catering Services
Marketing Management (Marketing Planning & Decision Making)
Marketing Policy & Strategy
Marketing Research
Media & Society
Media Ethics & Regulation
Media Law & Ethics
Nature & Organisation of Project Management
Newspaper Reporting
Number & Logic
Numeracy & Statistics (Interpreting & Analysing Information)
Office Procedures & Administration
Operations Chain Management
Organisational Behaviour (Analysing & Improving Organisational Behaviour)
Organisational Behaviour & Hospitality Management
People in Business
People in Retail: A Customer Focus
People in Retail: Personal Selling in the Electronic Age
People in Retail: Staff & Staffing Issues
Planning & Scheduling

Port Operations & Management
Practical Issues in Retail Management
Principles & Practice of Selling
Principles of Control
Project Management
Promoting a Positive Health & Safety Culture
Public International Law
Public Relations
Public Sector Economics
Public Sector Strategy
Public Service Ethics
Public Services Management
Purchasing & Materials Management
Purchasing & Supply Law
Purchasing Management
Purchasing Strategies
Quantitative Methods for Managers
Restaurant Services
Retail Branding
Retail Law & Legal Issues
Retail Marketing Principles
Retail Operations & Operations Management
Retail Travel Operations
Risk & Insurance
Risk Management
Safety in Sports Management
Sales & Sales Management
Shipbroking & Chartering Practices
Sources of Law (Rep. of Ireland only)
Sport & Recreation Operations Management
Sport & the Media
Sports Marketing Management
Sports Journalism
Sports Mega Events Management
Stores Management & Stock Control
Strategic Management in Hospitality
Strategic Management in Sport
Strategic Management (Strategic Management in Theory & Practice)
Strategic Marketing Management
Strategic Retail Operations & Operations Management
Structure of Travel & Tourism
Sub-Editing & Design
Supply Chain Management
Systems Analysis
The Business Environment
The Business of Shipping
The English Legal System
The Financial & Commercial Framework
The Human Resource in Hospitality
The International Business Environment
The Irish Legal System (Rep. of Ireland only)
The Law of Contract
The Law of Contract (Rep. of Ireland only)
The Law of Equity & Trusts
The Law of Equity & Trusts (Rep. of Ireland only)
The Law of Evidence
The Law of Evidence (Rep. of Ireland only)
The Law of Tort
The Law of Tort (Rep. of Ireland only)
The Retail Environment
The Structure of Business
Tour Operations
Tourism & The Environment
Tourism Marketing & Promotion
Tourism Product Development & Promotion
Training & Development
Travel & Tourism Development
Working Environment & Occupational Health
Working Practices, Hazards & Controls

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International professional educational services

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SELF Training Institute, trains business student for ICM’s educational programmes, qualifying examinations and awards provide qualifications which are globally recognised in excess of four million ICM Awards have been issued to successful candidates over the past 30 years.
We provide qualifications and Awards at Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate and Post Graduate levels. More than 200 individual subjects are examined by ICM on a quarterly basis, covering key industry areas such as Accounting & Finance, Business Management, Commercial Management, Computing, Corporate Governance, Health & Safety, Hospitality, Human Resource Development, International Relations, International Trade, Journalism, Law, Maritime Management, Marketing, Project Management, Retail Management, Sales Management, Sports Management and Tourism.

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Why you must have ICM qualifications:

ICM certificates are highly and globally recognized by multinational companies for employment consideration.

Professional courses for Postgraduates Diploma in Management for MBA & MSc programmes, Graduate Diploma for BS.c & BA, Advanced Diploma for BS.c & BA, Diploma for Direct Entry and over 200 Single Certificates for A-Levels

It saves time; you do not need any intermediary examinations to apply for further studies anywhere globally.

Every year, ICM graduates gain entry into universities in North America, the Republic of Ireland, Western Europe, the Far East, South East Asia, Australasia and over 100 institutions in the UK.

Eligibility, Choice of Courses and Levels for the Tuition Fees Scholarship Supports
Professionals, Postgraduates, Undergraduates and Secondary School leavers

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