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No. 46A, Ashogbon Street, Idumota, Lagos

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Ricado Sunnies (Nig.) Ltd is a suppliers of medical and scientific, laboratory including hospital equipment and chemicals.

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Ricado Sunnies (Nig.) Ltd is a wholly indigenous company set up to deliver to Nigeria and indeed Africa the best quality scientific, laboratory, and hospital equipment. We also supply quality laboratory chemicals, reagents and test kits manufactured by the best Manufacturing companies in the world.

We have been in business for over 23 years and have grown from one (1) business office to 4 business offices located at Arepo, Along Lagos Ibadan Express as corporate head office, Idumota Lagos Island, Aba in Abia State, and FCT, Abuja with visible presence in more than 15 States of the Federation. We have Clients spread across these States. Most of our Customers are repeat businesses with satisfied Clients.

Recently, Ricado Sunnies Nig Ltd increased her share capital and set up subsidiaries in order to meet the growing demands from training institutions and industries. Presently, the company has large stock of these items to equip any medical school, science laboratories, hospitals, research institutions etc.


To Provide quality, effective, efficient and highest standard equipment and products at competitive price to our numerous clients through professionalism and Integrity.


To improve the health care delivery via the provision of highest standard equipment and products at competitive price and to be one of the leading and best supplier of Hospital, Scientific and Laboratory equipment in Nigeria and Africa at large

Apart from importing known brand of these equipment and products from reputable manufacturers across Europe, UK, and USA, we are equally an approved exclusive distributor of the following Manufacturers in Nigeria;
Surgifield Medical, England
Sinochem, Yanzhou, China
J-Maple International, Germany
AvisharPvt Ltd, India
Guangdong Medicine and
Health Products, China

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Products/Service Offers

Autoclave potable
Lab. Centrifuge
Haematocrit Centrifuge
Microscope Olympus Binocular
Microscope Monocular Electric
Mcroscope Monocular Non Electric
Patient’s Trolley
Electrophoresis/Genotype Machine
Colorimeter Analog
Colorimeter Digital
Ultrasound Machine Linear Probe EMP-5000
U-V Visible Spectrophotometer wit Data Processor
U-V Visible Scan Spectrophotometer single Beam
U-V Visible Scan Spectrophotometer Double
Beam with Printer
Colony Counter Digital
Spectrophotometer Digital
Flame Photometer Micro-Processor
E.C.G machine single Channel Digital
E.C.G machine 3 Channel Digital
P.H. Meter Digital table top
Conductivity meter Digital
Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer
Melting Point Apparatus Analogue
Water Bath Digital Large SM-8B 20litres
Water Bath Digital Medium SM-22
Suction Machine Double Bottle Bench Top
Suction Machine Double Bottle Gian
Bone Drill Electric
Operation Theatre Lamp 4 Bulbs
Lab. Incubator Small Digital SM-9022A
Lab. Incubator Medium Digital SM-9052A
Lab. Incubator Large Digital SM-9082A
Lab. Oven Small Digital 23L
Lab. Oven Medium Digital 53L
Lab. Oven Large Digital 123L
Lab. Oven Largest Digest 146L
Oscilloscope Single Trace black & white screen
Stop Watch
Automatic Micropipette 0-100, 0-200, 10-100, 100-1000
Lab. Different Counter 8 Digits
Foldable Stretcher with Tyre
Mannesty Water Distillation Machine
Baby Incubator
Blood Roller Mixer
1. Automatic Elisa microplate Reader with
Computer & HP Printer 12 Channels
Automatic Elisa Microplate washer 96 Wells
Soxhlet Apparatus 6 Units
Soxhlet Apparatus 6 Units
Microscope Trinocular with Camera
Blood Bank Model SM
Sterilizer 17”
Suction Machine Single Bottle
High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
Vertical Autoclave
Multi-Viewing / Teaching Microscope for
All Glass water Distillation apparatus 4L per hr
Microscope D CE-1 camera outfit for computer viewing
Hospital Bed
Hospital Form
Bed side Locker
Over Bed Table
Wheel Chair
Dressing Drum Large
Dressing Drum Medium
Kidney Dish Large
Kidney Dish Medium
Gallipot with cover
Artery forceps
Needle holder
Fully Automated Haematology Analyzer 23 parameter
Mayor Scissors
Macindoe Scissor
Dressing Scissor
B.P Apparatus Mercurial Accosson
Littman Stethoscope
Episotomy Scissor
Adult Scale with height
Diagnostic Set Golland
Operating theatre table multipurpose
Examination couch
Ward Screen 4 told
Dressing Tray Large
Dressing Tray Medium
X-ray Machine Mobile
X-ray Machine Mobile with Fluoroscopy 100MA
X-ray Machine Static
Kymograph Machine
Bomb Oxygen Calorimeter
Flame Photometer digital with printer
Instrument Trolley
Vacuum drying Oven medium
Wash hand bowl stand single
Wash hand bowl stand double
Medicine Trolley with drawer lock
Shaking Water bath
Anesthetic Machine multi-function with Ventilator
Diathermy Machine High Frequency
. Angle poise lamp
Operating theatre lamp 4 bulbs
with battery backup
Operating theatre lamp 5 bulbs
Operating theatre lamp 9 bulbs
Drip stand
Automatic X-ray film processor
Mayo trolley
Ordinary Operating theatre table
Delivery table
. Delivery bed
Gynaecology Couch
X-ray film viewing illuminator box single
X-ray film viewing illuminator box double
Anesthetist chair
. Gas Chromatography Machine
High Performance liquid
Chromatography Machine (H P L C ) Operating stool
Muffle Furnace
Blood Gas Analyzer complete with
Gas cylinders and regulators SMPL2000
Tissue Processor Leica model
Baby Incubator with phototherapy lamp
Shaking Incubator
Transport Baby Incubator
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AAS
Infra red Spectrophotometer IR
Oscilloscope 50MHZ color screen
Anaerobic Jar stainless
Anaerobic Jar transparent
Drug Cupboard
Instrument Cabinet
DDA Cupboard
Linen Trolley
Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer
Tonometer shotz
Rotary Evaporator
Polarising Microscope Binocular
Infant Infra red Radiant heater
Infant Phototherapy Lamp
Baby Warmer Resuscitaire
Oxygen Cylinder
X-ray film Dryer Machine
X-ray film Storage Box
X-ray film Deliver box/Pass through Hatchet
Freeze Dryer Machine
Electronic analytical Balance 0.0001g
Electronic Top Loading Balance
Multitional Alloy Emergency Trolley
. Blood Gas Electrolyte Analyzer complete
With Gas cylinders and regulators cornley
Lab Incubator 162L
Tissue Embedding and cooling system
Tissue Floatation work station
Automatic Tissue Stainer
Tissue embedding moulds
Tissue Embedding Centre
Paraffin Dispenser
Paraffin mounting section bath
Tissue embedding Hot plate
Laminar Flow
Operation Theatre Lamp 4 bulbs
Sperm Quality Analyzer complete
Lab. Carbon dioxide Incubator CO2
Baby bed stainless steel
Lab. Cooling Incubator
Sperm Quality Analyzer complete
EPI Florescent Microscope
Inverted Biological Microscope
Metallurgical Microscope
Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
Digital Microscope
Multi-viewing Microscope XSZ-204
Microscope Binocular CX-21
EPI Florescent Microscope with Phase Contrast
Microscope Graticle with scale and cross-line
Microscope Binocular Head
Microscope Condenser for XSZ-107 BN
Microscope Digital Camera DCE-PW35
Fetal Doppler hand held
Patient’s Monitor multi-parameter
Patient’s Monitor with Cardio-Toco-graph
Full size Adult Skeleton
Male Torso
Female Torso.
Anesthetic Machine without Ventilator
Ultrasound Machine Convex probe EMP-860
Ultra Sound Scanner mobile with
convex and trans-virginal probe
Digital Ultra Sound Scanner mobile with
Convex and trans-virginal and heart probe
Ultra sound Scanner EMP-500 with Linear probe
Digital Colposcope Unit
Large Bowl Sterilizer
Sperm quality Analyzer
Stretcher with pole and Canvas
Oxygen Regulator
Oxygen humidifier
Urinal Male stainless
Urinal Female stainless
Cheatle forcep
Cheatle forcep container
Tongue depressor stainless
Mouth gag
Apron Non disposable
Weighing Scale bathroom
Ambu bag paediatric
Ambu bag Adult
Pedal dustbin
Kick About with bowl
Sputum mug
Enema can
E C G Machine twelve channels with Interpretive
E C G Machine six channels with Interpretive
Full size Adult Skeleton
Anesthetic Machine without Ventilator
Mackintosh Roll
Bed Cradle
Bed elevator
Thermometers clinical
Pulse Oximeter hand held
Vacuum extractor manual
Vacuum extractor electric
Foetal stethoscope
Resuscitation Trolley
M V A Syringe
Coscus Speculum
Sims Speculum
Dressing Set/pack
Delivery Set/pack
Hernia Set/pack
Laparatomy Set/pack
C/S set/pack
D & C Set/pack
Theatre Boots
Theatre Trousers green
Theatre Jumpers green
Theatre operation gowns green
Theatre gowns female green
Patient’s Operation gowns green
Nurses Caps X 100
Surgeon’s Face mask box of 50
Disposable face mask box of 100
Operation Towels green large
Operation Towels green medium
Operation Towels green small
Ear Syringes
Cervical Collar
Walker frame
. X-ray Lead Apron double
Microscope cover slips
Blood Lancets
Water Deionizer
. Adjustable Crutches armpit
Syringe Needle Destroyer
Microscope Slides
Eye Model
Ear model
Brain Model
Heart Model
Kidney Model
Conductivity Meter
Oxygen Concentrator Dual flow 5L
Oxygen Concentrator single flow 3L
. EDTA Container X 1000pcs
Polarising Microscope Trinocular
Universal Container X 400pcs
Swab Stick carton
Lithium heparin container carton
Flouride Oxalate container carton
Vacutainer container carton
Plain Container X 1000pcs

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